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04 Oct
How Video is changing Digital Marketing

The demand for video content is on the rise. Reports have found that 100 million people watch online videos every day, and estimates say that by 2020, 75% of all mobile traffic will be for video.

From in-depth tutorials to live-streamed events and product launches, users are consuming more and more video content than ever, and the figure is steadily increasing.

What this means is that the work Marketers are currently doing is likely to change. Marketers who have yet to indulge in the digital realm will have little choice in the near future, and those who already market digitally will need to acquire new skills, most notably those related to audio-visual content.

Video data is immeasurably important to collect and dissect, and here are a few reasons why.

Video data lets you better target audiences

Marketers can learn a lot about user habits by observing who clicks certain videos and what their general reactions are. Though common belief holds that the majority of video viewers are younger people, this is far from the truth – research tells us that people aged between 35 – 52 actually enjoy long video content and 67% of them say that video ads were not a deterrent to their experience. There are consumers existing outside of the millennium social media bubble. They’re watching video ads, and it’s useful to know who they are and when they’re doing it.

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Check social media reactions to video links too, as these are also important to determining the specifics of your user base. Tweets, comments and likes are just as valuable for this as number-based data. Think: how can you better accommodate these viewers? Being clever about the way you deliver your video content is a good way to discover who you’re reaching, and what exactly those people want from you.

 Video data guides campaigns

A marketing campaign ought to target those who are most likely to be receptive to the content in the adverts as well as the videos themselves. It would serve every marketing agency well to consider how best to approac

h its user base. The first step, then, is to scout the user base for specifics. Find out who you’re talking to.

 Video data reinvents digital marketing

Adverts have introduced an entirely new metric into the world of marketing data. It gives marketers entirely new opportunities. We can now analyse why viewers are clicking away at certain time-stamps; were these mistakes, or is there something about the nature of the content that inspires people to leave? If consumers reach the end of a video but don’t follow a call-to-action, is that because the message needs to be more strongly persuasive?

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