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03 Jun
Tricks of the trade: how content marketing boosts SEO

Ah, search engine optimisation (SEO). No doubt you’ve heard of it, but unless you’ve thrown yourself into it, you probably won’t be aware what it is. Well, it’s an effective marketing strategy that can launch businesses to the top of search pages for online queries associated with them, their products or their services. And, with Google claiming it now processes a staggering 3.5 billion searches every single day, it’s pretty obvious how advantageous it is – or could be – for your company.


Granted, for the uninitiated, SEO might seem intimidating thanks to all the complicated logistics that can come with it. Via a smart approach to your content marketing, you can take a big step to making your site very SEO-friendly…

Rich content equals optimisation

Arguably the most fundamental thing you need to embrace on your site is rich content with targeted keywords – so much so, it might even be said to be the ‘silver bullet’ of SEO. Yes, it doesn’t sound straight-forward and, yes, it does sound time consuming; but, yes, it’s all important. Ideally, every significant page on your site (those you want customers to view) should contain well written, descriptive copy. The ‘optimisation’ effect comes thanks to, inserted into your content, specific keywords and phrases that help sum up the content and what your business is about – literally, the words and phrases you want customers to search for to find your business. It’s these then that will jump out during Google searches by Internet users and push your page up the rankings. Note: be sure when you include keywords and phrases they don’t disrupt the copy’s flow and legibility; you don’t want them to make your site appear unprofessional.


Write titles and meta-descriptions

Here at Neoteric UK, we swear by the importance of this content marketing for SEO tactic. Plainly put, the title – or ‘title tag’ – of your online content (whether it be a web page or a blog article) will be its headline on a search engine results page (SERP). Similarly, the content’s intro – or ‘meta-description’ – will appear on a SERP as descriptive text for the content directly beneath the title tag. So, together, they’ll inform searchers of what your content is all about as they’re surfing the likes of Google, but they’ll also be exactly what represents your content on a SERP. Consider this for a moment… yes, title tags and meta-descriptions are important. Done correctly, they can help the ranking of your pages while improving potential – and existing – customer click-through rates.

Be sociable and share!

Finally, compared to the first two points above, this one’s a doozy. Quite simply, if you’re not sharing your content via social media, you’re missing out on a lot of potential traffic. But it’s easy to remedy; for instance, if we’re talking blog content, simply switch on the social share options for your posts – and, hey presto!

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