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29 Jul
The Marketing Trends Being Followed to Beat the Competition

These are the 6 most trusted marketing trends adopted for the best product promotion ever. They have taken to the most reliable and trusted platforms for the benefit of both the consumers and the company. According to Edison Research analysis media usage these days has become utmost important and when the consumers try to make use of all channels all at the same time the company has to keep track of which are the better points of access being grabbed and utilized by the customers.

Media Fragmentation is the first measure or trend being adopted by the organization for a promising marketing outcome. Based on the Edison Report, there are at least 243 million users on the radio, 182 million users stay connected and updated through home based internet broadband system, the Smartphone users are not less than 139 in number, you have 256 million USA users who keep track of things on television, net users are around 232 million and around 177 million people are interlinked through Wi-Fi. The network is huge and all connecting medium are absolutely effective.

More than 53% of Americans are using Smartphone these days. This is in fact, the smartest way of staying connected. The research conducted by the eMarketer shows that these days’ people are more prone using Smartphone in comparison to desktops. Cell phones these days are indispensable mediums for commercial transactions. The mobile-first strategy has become the main priority for marketers these days. They quickly download stuffs with the help of Smartphone apps and find out fruitful solutions to all commercial problems.

Content marketing is the next workable marketing trend or strategy to talk about. Based on a survey done by Out brain and the most reputed research firm eConsultancy, in the year 2012 most of the in-house traders for the best selling and promotion of their services and products rely on content marketing strategies. Contents such as email newsletters, social posts and updates and featured articles or news are becoming all the more popular mediums of commercial business deals.

Nothing can be compared to the prevalence and the dominance of Facebook. This is the most innovative online podium which gives marketers the chance to have the best interaction with clients and consumers. In fact, there are several users interacting with popular brands on their new feeds. This creates more challenges for the marketers and the growth perspectives are even higher. Last but never the least is the use of Twitter platform by NeotericUK. As parallel to Facebook even Twitter is showing good results in the realm of online marketing and popularising of particular brand. These are in general all proven ways to help a company reach the zenith of success through several online short cuts.

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