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23 Jun
What does successful content marketing look like?

What does success genuinely look like with content marketing? How do you know whether your latest content effort has hit or missed? How do you quantify achievement? Whether you’re a start-up, a small enterprise or an ever-growing medium-sized company, you need to be able to measure content marketing results in today’s business world and one way to do that effectively is to set goals. Goals for your strategy, your campaigns and your overall approach to content marketing. Here are some ideas…

Value-added means quality

Simply put, the function of content marketing is to generate leads by publishing (and sharing via links) unique, good content that’s relevant to what your business delivers and is all about. Your aim’s to provide value to your target audience. Why should customers choose you? What pearls of wisdom do you have to impart that’ll help convince them you’re a contender – like how Marlon Brando always wanted to be? Aim to engage, educate and entertain; content marketing is definitely not about blatant selling. It’s about trying to build good relationships with your audience and thereby tapping into a content marketing (and sharing) community – by doing that you’ll build and expand a network.

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Don’t try to churn out content like a sausage machine; it’s all about value – and that means quality. You need to produce copy that contains genuine insight; that’ll make current and prospective customers sit up and take notice. It needs to be useful, engaging and, frankly, as awesome as possible. The Internet’s already full of derivative noise; if your content marketing ideas are both different and good, it’ll stand out immediately.


Thought leadership?

‘Thought leadership’ and ‘industry leaders’ are terms that get bandied about a lot in business. And, while they may sound like those vacuous office-speak terms that so many people get turned off by, when it comes to content marketing they do actually refer to something important and potent. So what are we talking about here? Well, it’s all about the quality, unique content again. By using well-written, insightful content you can build a reputation for, thinking- and vision-wise, being important in your particular industry. So use your industry and product knowledge to your advantage – genuinely, by doing this regularly you could build a name for yourself as something of a ‘thought leader’ in your line. The Internet’s that powerful.


Base it on data

And marketing’s that powerful too – so consider using something that’s unique to your business to generate and help put across new content ideas: your own data. And what does your developing content marketing audience think? You can draw conclusions on what sort of quality content to create via surveys and studies of your customers and your audience from within and outside your industry. Remember too that it’s far from always about written content; everybody likes variety, so engaging and compelling content’s also likely to be made up of imagery and videos – think about it; there’s a reason why they both go viral right across the ’Net so quickly!

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