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08 Jul
Be social, share and do research: how to improve your content marketing

Fair enough, a good number of small and medium-sized business owners may feel a little daunted by posting marketing content. Writing blog posts doesn’t come quickly to everyone; far from everybody’s a confident writer. But it’s not all about brilliantly written copy and – as with so many things in life – when it comes to content marketing, you can improve what you’re doing and its effectiveness by widening your skill set and adopting the better practice.


Do your research

Who makes up the most reliable demographics for your brand? Where do they live? What do they do? What do they want? By doing market research and gathering and analysing objective data, you can find all this out. It’s not even that expensive or time consuming – for instance, why not try census data? It’s free to access. So much for your customers; what about your competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What are they and what aren’t they focusing on? Where can you take advantage? How can this influence your content? Do your research and find out!

Content types

There are two kinds of content you should be focusing on. First, apparently, is written content. Not only does it aid you in establishing a reputation as someone who knows what they’re talking about, but it’s also highly efficient at optimising your site for search engines (SEO), which combines with the former in retaining and attracting customers and increasing conversion rates. The second kind of content is visual. Images and videos have a terrific knack for going viral very fast. It’s one of the excellent answers to how to improve content marketing.

Be personal and customer-focused

One of the secrets to successful content marketing is establishing a ‘personal brand’; you’re putting you in your content – your insights, your experience, your personality and your service. It’s you that, in the content, embodies your company’s corporate brand. An extension of this is not to forget your audience. If one of the secrets of content marketing is you, then one of the secrets of writing and marketing, in general, is your audience. Customer retention is critical to practically any company and, through content marketing, you can work at that by ever improving their clients’ knowledge. How? Not just through nicely informative, original blog posts, but FAQs, tutorials, and guides. Be honest, informative and always bear your audience and what will be of use to it in mind.

Be social

Finally, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Social media is free and extremely leverageable – that means you’ve got to be taking advantage of it. If you’re not publicising on your business’s Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts everything you publish on your site then, frankly, you’re missing out on free advertising. And the adage that time’s money doesn’t come into play here either, because it takes no more than two or three minutes to post a link to your latest content on social media. It also aids in your company’s online presence as it helps prevent your social feeds from getting stale of drying up. And, don’t doubt it; its ability to attract and keep customers interested is off-the-chart impressive.

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