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23 May
Snapchat mimics Instagram’s Boomerang with Looping Snaps

With more competition in the social media space, app companies are developing new innovative features at a frightening speed.  Instagram’s Boomerang feature, as it’s described by the company: “makes everyday moments fun and unexpected and creates captivating mini videos that loop back and forth”.


Instagram originally copied Snapchat with their stories feature, and now Snapchat is effectively biting back so to speak. While Instagram was far from the originator of short, looping videos, it’s become the app that’s popularized them.

Now, Snapchat users can set video snaps that post to stories or send privately to play on repeat until users choose to go to the next snap. While Snapchat’s previous model was exclusively based on sharing photos that can only be viewed for a brief amount of time, they can now be looked at for a much longer time – which in effect means that what separated Snapchat from the rest of the computer in such a huge way previously, is no longer the case.

Users can also set photos in chats or stories to stay on the screen indefinitely. The caveat is that once a person taps through them they can no longer be seen. On Instagram, the time control is handed to the viewer while on Snapchat the person chooses when to swipe.

However, users will now get to choose when they want their message to self-destruct or if they want to set it to “limitless”, letting the recipient view the picture for as long as they like. However, once they swipe it will still self-destruct.

When Instagram added their ‘Stories’ feature to their app, the entire growth of the Snapchat service has slowed down. While many millennials and people from Generation Z aren’t replacing their Snapchat addiction with Instagram stories, according to a dozen studies and surveys, less people are downloading and using the App on a regular basis.

Other features that have come with its arsenal of tools include the ability to draw with “emojis” and a “magic eraser that removes objects from snaps and fills them in with the surroundings in the photo.  The new creative tools are being moved from the top of the app to the right-hand side of the snap’s preview screen.

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