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18 Nov
The potential effects of Smartwatches on Internet Marketing

Slowly, smart watches are becoming more popular. Not too long ago, they were seen as an unnecessary luxury, but new models from different manufacturers are beginning to pop-up everywhere. Adoption is growing steadily and media attention on the subject of wearable technology is bubbling at the surface. As a result of this heightened exposure and greater adoption, more people are becoming genuinely curious about smart-watches.


In the past, tech lovers would be quicker to dismiss them, since they weren’t able to see their value. But slowly, we are beginning to see that seeing notifications, checking the weather, your flight departure status, steps taken, and being able to switch tracks – can be incredibly handy. Plus, being able to switch watch faces has its cool side. Meanwhile, having a device that allows you to use your smartphone less can be a wondrous revelation for some.

The Apple Watch is of course, the most well-known of the smart-watches. But other models like the Moto 360 Watch and the Pebble Steel have also gained some traction in the market. What does the new wearable tech sector mean for Internet marketers? Are businesses going to be able to reach a greater audience because of this new development? We’ll find out…

While it’s too early for smartwatches to have a significant impact on how businesses do their marketing, there has already been a slight shift as a result of smartwatches. Thousands of apps are being developed for smart-watches at moment.

Here are the three ways Smartwatches could impact marketing in the future:

1) Email Marketing: Will subject lines have to be shorter? Will People use their smartphones less?

2) Lead generation tactics: Having content that displays poorly on wearables could  result in decreased conversions. Naturally, businesses will have to consider creating content that displays well on wearables.

3) Health and Fitness: Will this industry change because of wearables? One of the major reasons why people are attracted to smartwatches is because they give users the ability to see how many steps they’ve taken, to measure their heart rate; thus promoting a healthier lifestyle. Companies are creating more apps and watch features to highlight this.

In conclusion, smartwatches are here to stay, and being cognisant of how they will impact Internet marketing will be important for the longevity of your business – whichever sector you’re in.

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