Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design suggests that design and development of website should be responsive to user’s behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation that creates optimal viewing and navigation experience across a wide range of devices, including traditional PCs, smartphones and tablet devices
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Our Work

  • Juvea Aesthetics

    Juvea Aesthetics

    Located in the heart of central London, Juvea Aesthetics prides itself in delivering a variety of safe and effective aesthetic treatments including dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle muscle relaxants, laser hair removal and dermaroller amongst many other advanced non-surgical procedures.

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  • St. Georges Pharmacy

    St. Georges Pharmacy

    St Georges Pharmacy is registered as a mail order pharmacy with the General Pharmaceutical Council. We are run by a team of fully qualified medical staff who are at hand 24/7 to answer any queries.

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  • Forreduci


    Forreduci is a London born brand specializing in urban menswear and accessories. Forreduci have been in operation for over a decade, offering exclusive clothing, purposely designed for the modern urban man.

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Why Responsive Web Design

Web users today browse on an ever-increasing range of devices, which means a successful website must cater to different screen sizes, browsers, orientations, operating systems, internet speeds and much more. Mobile users are highly likely to leave a website within just a few seconds if it’s not adapted for their device. Some websites have separate mobile sites to get around this issue, but you can also simply design your website to adapt to different browser environments instantly. The design team will use flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries to create a responsive website. The fluidity means you won’t need to go back to the drawing board every time a new device comes on the market, and having a website that caters to customers on every platform will help you retain more of the visitors to your site and convert them to sales.

      • Increase conversion rates from mobile users on every device
      • One web address, no need to redirect mobile users
      • Deliver a fluid browsing experience to every customer
      • Show your customers you are up to date with current technology and trends
      • Images, fonts and HTML scale automatically to the best size for easy reading
Responsive Web Design

Our work in Responsive Web Design involves?

  • Assuring one design for every device

    Assuring one design for every device

    The website is configured to offer optimal viewing pleasure to all users. It conforms to any screen size, any device and any resolution.

  • Ensuring the finest design for each device

    Ensuring the finest design for each device

    In responsive design approach, all images, fonts and HTML elements can be scaled appropriately and are compatible to every screen size

  • No Need for Redirects

    No Need for Redirects

    There is no requirement for redirect as user can access all information on the same platform within few seconds

  • Great design Approach

    Great design Approach

    A responsive site works and functions well for mobile devices of all shapes and sizes.

  • Design Spotlights on the Essential Elements

    Design Spotlights on the Essential Elements

    We focus on the most essential elements. As the website moves from desktop and laptop to tablet and Smartphone, the elements will also shift eventually to fit into the new screen size properly.

  • Making the website Comprehensible

    Making the website Comprehensible

    One of the most accepted characteristic of responsive web design is that; it makes your site or page easy to understand.

  • Sharing in an Accumulated Way

    Sharing in an Accumulated Way

    Responsive web outline additionally permits you as a head of the site and facilitates accumulation of all the social connections using one URL.

  • Rendering a Smooth User Experience

    Rendering a Smooth User Experience

    The Responsive web design approach offers the clients with an extremely smooth and improved experience on every device they tend to carry along.


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