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05 May
Why SEO is Vital for the Long Term Health of Your Business

SEO is a constantly changing channel in marketing, and it’s an essential part of any large digital marketing strategy. Businesses invested more than $50 billion on SEO services last year, and that number is only expected to grow further.

In the past, SEO was seen as a job merely as a technical role rather than a creative one. Today, SEO professionals need to have a psychological understanding of how people interact on the web. User experience is going to play a larger in marketing and search over the coming years, naturally using analytics is going to be even more important in future.


When Google announced Rankbrain last year, the world was left dumbfounded. Google is now using AI for SEO which has effectively killed black-hat SEO, which is great for users who only want to access great quality content. Since AI will likely form a greater part of Google’s algorithm in the future, the best thing to in the meantime is to start thinking about search on an individual level.

Marketing your brand in the most effective way – is paramount. Especially if you want to cultivate you audience, build more trust with your customers, and ultimately grow your business. How do you promote your brand in the most effective way? You become an authority in your field. Doing so will ensure, automatic and consistent marketing of your brand.

The quality of your content is paramount. The reason people doubt SEO is because they don’t necessarily see the short term. However, the success of your businesses today is more connected to how well your business is structured to last in the long term. To build a long-term strategy for your business, you’ll want to focus on developing relationships with your customers, and developing and publishing the best content you can on a consistent basis.

While not doing any SEO won’t necessarily impact you greatly in the short-term, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to long-term customer retention, and new user acquisition if you choose to not to maintain SEO for your business in the coming future.


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