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16 Nov
Preparing for SEO in 2017

As we all know, tracking return on investment from SEO can be tricky – especially since it often assists other marketing channels. The fourth quarter is often the time when companies begin the planning process for the next year. Chief marketing officers are now asked which measuring ROI at an increasing level of detail and considering digital. Ordinarily, you might think that measuring ROI on digital would be easy.

But integrating tracking correctly can be tricky for SEO, where it’s not the last purchase medium and can also affect other channels. So, how do you integrate SEO into your tracking system? Let’s find out.

Determine your attribution model

The attribution model is the base for allocating credit to each marketing channel, and you’ll need to decide which exact model best fits your business. The most common are single-source attribution models, measuring first touch or last touch. The last touch attribution model credits the last channel the customer used to come to your website. The first touch model gives credit to the first lead source.

Unfortunately, both ignore all of the channels that may have influenced a lead in the process. If you want to use models that provide credit to all the channels that may have affected the consumer retribution i.e. purchasing decision along the way, then consider a fractional attribution model such as linear or time decay.

Linear attribution credits all influencing channels while time decay gives the most credit to the most channel and the least to the oldest.

Set up Google Search Console

Ideally, your website should have GSC setup – you won’t know how many people searched for your keywords and the CTR unless you use GSC. Here are a few things to make sure you do while using it.

  • Download the 90 days of search history before it gets deleted. GSC only keeps the last 90 days on its console.


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