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08 Nov
Now for better rankings in Google, Focus on Image SEO

Search by image allows you to do a reverse image search and discover all sorts of content that’s related to a specific image. For example, search using a picture of your favorite band and see search results that might include similar images, webpages about the band, and even sites that include the same picture.


So there are some points on which you need to focus before submitting your image to Google or any other search engine.


Image Optimization

Image Optimization

1)      Focus on Alt text :

When you see a picture of a Digital marketing, you instantly recognize what’s going on in the picture.

The problem is, this instant recognition isn’t possible for search engine spiders at this time. Instead, you must help the spiders understand each of your images with alt text.

What is image alt text?

The short answer is, it’s the text that the search engine uses to understand images.

To include it, you simply add alt=”this is your alt text” to your image tag. Here’s an example:

<img src=”Digital-Marketing.jpg” alt=”Digital Marketing” />

It’s that simple.

2)      Focus on  File Size :

You know page load times matter for SEO, right now, right?

So, to ensure that your images don’t torpedo your fast load times, make the image file size as small as possible (without sacrificing quality, of course).

With free tools like Picnik and Image Optimizer at your disposal, there’s no excuse

Oh, and one more thing…

DO NOT let your browser resize a large image to look smaller.

When you have a large image, and input height and width tags on that image to make the image smaller, people load the large image first, and then the browser resizes it.

To solve it, always use an image editing program to make your image a desired size, and upload that.

3)      How it works :

a)      On any webpage, right-click an image and select the option to copy it. In most browsers, this option’s name starts with “Copy image,” except Internet Explorer for which you’ll select “Properties” and then copy the URL that’s then displayed.

b)      Visit images.google.com, or any Images results page, and click the camera icon in the search box.

c)      Paste the copied URL into the search box

d)      Click Search


4)      Focus on Captions :

image captions are important because they are one of the most well-read pieces of content on your entire site.

So, if you fail to use them, you’re losing out on one more chance to lower your bounce rate.


5)      Avoid Old Fashioned Text:

Some people assume that image search is conducted via fancy algorithms that determine what an image is about and then index it. I know that’s where I started. As it turns out, however, old fashioned text is one of the most important factors in an image’s ranking.

More specifically, the file name matters. Go ahead – do an image search. What do the top results have in common? Almost invariably, it’s a portion of their file name. Most of the top results for “pizza” have the word pizza in the file name.

That might seem obvious. But actually, it’s not. Most digital photographs, for example, will start life with a file name like “1020302.jpg.” It’s only later that they’re re-named. For webmasters, ensuring that a relevant file name is given to an image is just as basic and important as making sure that a webpage’s keyword appears in that page’s metadata title and/or description. But it’s not automatic. It takes constant effort.

pizza- image- caption

pizza- image- caption

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