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24 May
New Facebook feature moves brand targeting forward

It’s not just about posting statuses and check-ins to envy your friends or to reveal spoilers and sharing fan theories about the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Facebook is taking a leap with a business brain to give your brand more insight into your online audience. Facebook joins Instagram in making Social Media subscribers and potential customers easier to read for marketers, in terms of targeting an audience with advertising that applies to them by understanding their digital quirks.


Dynamic determination

Don’t take your customer for granted – whether they are frequent or fresh faces. To maintain an interest in your brand for loyal shoppers and new leads, you need to ensure your ads are relevant. One of these exciting new features is the Dynamic Adverts, available on both Facebook and Instagram. To increase your e-commerce, you want to engage your audience, get to know them and recognise their browsing behaviour. Not only when they are searching the site via a PC or laptop, but by mobile apps as well. The latter is a significant focus for ad opportunities to make a customised connection.

How do Dynamic Adverts work? Well it is an automated system that advertises products to shoppers that have demonstrated an interest in purchasing. They may have viewed the item, browsed similar items, or added something to their basket. Facebook for Business has uploaded approximately 2.5 billion products to the site to tap into the potential businesses can benefit from this popular Social Media platform.

Spread across two top Social Media sites, Dynamic Adverts are published in conjunction with Instagram, which proudly shares the overwhelming figures of 400 million monthly active users (with 75% and more as subscribers outside of the USA), over 40 billion photos shared, 3.5 billion posts liked on a daily basis, and beyond 80 million photos uploaded per day. That’s a lot of product publicity – you do the math!

Bespoke and beyond!

For even more advanced options, Custom Audiences is another feature to drive up your human traffic. This explores and separates your shoppers into different categories to focus on. Get to know individual viewers based on a style of consumer rating. Some customers may purchase more or highlight more of a value on how they respond to ads. This will differentiate how you target the eager buyers from the window shoppers. What do either of them need to assist their online experience? Custom Audiences is here to help.

Custom Audiences spotlights specific areas of interest. These include the frequency of how often a shopper browses an item or visit a webpage, etc. What also needs to be taken into consideration is how long someone takes searching and staying on a webpage and the amount a customer has spent. This will allow companies to understand the customer practices, see a visiting pattern develop, and discern how engaging their site is.

Together with Dynamic Adverts for Travel, people who search for a holiday will be offered ads related to hotels and flights they have already been looking into. Custom Audiences involve Dynamic Dates, which goes one step further and presents date ranges of their getaway, taken from flight or a hotel bookings.

As well as the content, the devices used, such as Android, iOS, and other mobile platforms, will be examined.

There are no excuses for you not to know your people! It’s all about delivering a service that keeps up with your customers’ desires generating more business with reliable intelligence. I think we can safely say this gets a big thumbs up and an enthusiastic Like from all of us.

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