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17 Nov
How mobile has changed the way we search

Doesn’t it make sense that after using a mobile device consistently, that our habits on desktop or laptop would slightly change? According to ten years of eye tracking studies, mobile has changed the way we search forever. Developing a habit of consuming information on a mobile device in a particular way changes the way you consume content.

Goole became the dominant search engine because it drove people to find information faster than its competitors. That created a feedback loop whereby people found content the fastest on Google and naturally kept coming back.

Mobile devices have habitually conditioned to scan vertically more than horizontally. Ten years ago, an eye-tracking map on a Google search page would show that people would only examine the upper percentile of the page, leaning horizontally, as opposed to the way we consume content now. Nowadays, we scan the page from top to bottom, from the left side down.

Not only that, but it used to take a user 2.6 seconds to consume a SERP, users used to be a little more patient with processing information back then. Now, that time has been cut in half – users will only looking at a SERP for an average of 1.3 seconds.

Here are some stats that match the change.

  • 19% of mobile SERP clicks on average went to the top 2 sponsored ads, compared to 15% on desktop.
  • 47% more clicks on the map and local listing occur when positioned above organic listings.
  • 51% more searchers view the local listings and map when placed above the organic listings.

The first part of a SERP is more than ever. So make sure you use the best strategy possible to pick the keywords most suitable for your campaign that will attract users.

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