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After ten years in the business, we pride ourselves on our expertise and satisfied clients. Our digital marketing success stories speak for themselves.

PPC Campaign

London Premier Hotels

London Premier Hotels is an amalgamation of premium hotels in London that have been closely working with Neoteric UK on their internet marketing strategies.

PPC Campaign

Park Grand Kensington

Park Grand Kensington is a 4 star hotel in London that belongs to the Park Grand Hotels brand. The company addressed to Neoteric UK because our extensive expertise in the travel industry.

Social Media

Think Hotels

Think Hotels is an online travel agency that plays in the increasingly competitive travel market. Social Media in this industry is paramount. We managed to position Think Hotels as a highly visible brand in the Travel social sphere.

Social Media

Montcalm Luxury Hotels

The Montcalm Luxury Hotels is part of the larger London Premier Hotels group which have been a premium customer for over two years. Our Social Media efforts successfully positioned the brand into an idiosyncratic luxury market.

Social Media

Luxury Hotels Group

LHG is an innovative Online Travel Agent focused on the luxury hotel market, with a wide geographical approach to the market which includes emerging markets in the Middle East and Asia.

Search Engine Optimization

Mr Shoes

Mr Shoes is an online shoe retailer competing against giants such as Asos and Newlook. With a targeted approach to e-commerce SEO, we achieved high rankings for many of their products.

Search Engine Optimization

The Finchley Clinic

This company is a leader in the naturopathic medicine industry, with a history dating back to the 1950s and having gone online to succeed with the help of Neoteric UK.

PPC Campaign

Designer radiator direct

DRD are a major retailer of plumbing products in the UK, generating over £160.000 monthly online and having a strong presence in the search engines for relevant keywords thanks to our work.

Our work in SEO involves?

  • Cost effectiveness

    Improved marketing ROI due to the cost-effective nature of SEO techniques

  • Improved Visibility

    Improved search engine rankings and target visibility share

  • Increased Traffic

    Increase in targeted traffic

  • Get the right people

    Positive effect on brand building and authority

Our work in PPC involves?

  • Demographic Bidding

    This is an effective mode to buy and sell ad inventory on a per-impression basis.

  • Smart Bid management

    Bid management is arguably one of the routine activities associated with PPC management but it is also one of the most important strategies to be incorporated.

  • Moniter market trends

    We help our clients to monitor changes and gain the competitive edge by revealing the strategies formulated by the competitors other valuable proponents

  • Competitor analysis

    Competitor analysis is an assessment mainly undertaken in the domain of marketing and strategic management

Our work in Social Media involves?

  • Creating Effective Content

    A major part of social media optimization is based on creating and curating great content and engaging audiences in social media.

  • Reputation Monitering

    Reputation management refers to a clear understanding of the reputation of an individual or a business and take measures to enhance it effectively.

  • Youtube Monitering

    YouTube monitoring and censorship are the two ways YouTube uses in retaining its content in the appropriate form.

  • Linkedin Monitering

    LinkedIn has recently built up a new and improved monitoring system that helps us track the thousands of internal metrics we look at.


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When you want a partner to launch your e-commerce business to success you need one with vibrant enthusiasm, bucket loads of energy and most of all a depth of knowledge and experience. Welcome to Neotericuk that has all it takes to give your business the very best chance to become a recognised brand with an internet presence second to none. Established nearly 11 years the company's success is a reflection of that enjoyed by more than 5,000 clients. If you've got the goods then NeotericUK have the skill to promote in a hard fought environment. It starts with your idea that becomes a brainstorming session and with branding, optimization and a close eye on clear precise content your website wins.