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04 Jul
Why launching an app will boost your business revenues

Every business is looking for a competitive edge – a sure-fire way to generate new and more revenues. Well, in today’s highly digitised world, one of the most reliable revenue-generating tools is mobile apps. Doubt it? Well, research studies have revealed that mobile app downloads across the world grew from just over 2.5 billion in 2009 to a staggering near 180 billion in 2015 – and by 2017 the figure’s expected to top at least 268 billion. These figures appear to represent an enormous opportunity for business growth – and already have for a huge number of companies – but how and why?

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Reaching customers and amplifying your brand

Apps, by their very nature, can prove to be an extremely strong channel through which to reach your customers. That’s because they’re used anytime and at any place by their owners, meaning the only limits on where and when your business (and what it does; whether it sells products or provides services) is accessed via your app are determined by your customers’ smartphone and tablet usage. Not only does this afford your business unprecedented visibility it also provides potentially enormous brand recognition – and it will be difficult for your business to achieve all it can and truly grow unless it becomes recognised as a brand.

Marketing advantages

The digital marketing opportunities that help apps drive business growth are outstanding. Push notifications – alerts you can send customers – have fast achieved such efficacy that they now produce better response rates than emails, especially when it comes to location-based marketing, notifying people of offers, coupons and deals when they’re in the vicinity of business outlets; while in-app advertising (splash- and exit-ads, interstitials and banners) offer great variety too, as do animated and video ads.

Customer insight and customisation

These aforementioned dynamic and individual-tailored forms of marketing can play a significant role in building customer loyalty and, thus, customer retention too. How can you target the right customers with the right sort of alerts, notifications and messages? Because when each person downloads your app and starts using it, you’ll be aware of their app-based behaviour, thus you can gather data on how they use it and how they’re interacting with your business. This is all down to the fact that mobile apps can be embedded with smart analytic tools to capture user behaviours on the basis of demographics – such as gender, age, incomes, purchase habits, locations and interests.

Integration with social media

And finally, because of their terrific functionality, apps can be naturally integrated with social media, ensuring that not only can you publicise and offer updates for your app via the likes of Facebook and Twitter, you can also use such social networks to enable app sign-in.

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