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06 Jan
Microsoft is pulling the plug on older versions of Internet Explorer

At one point in time, Internet Explorer was the most popular web browser in the world. In the last decade, competition from Firefox, Opera and a host of other browsers has led to Internet Explorer’s usage drop to just 12.5% worldwide. Browsers such as Safari and Google Chrome have been shown to load pages faster and provide a range of extensions that provide more functionality to their users. As a result, over the years, Microsoft’s web browser market share has naturally plummeted.

Even if Internet Explorer’s usage is not as high as Microsoft would hope it to be, they have kept releasing updates to older versions of Internet Explorer. On the January 12th, that’s about to change. A Windows update will pressure users who are currently using Internet Explorer 8,9, and 10 to upgrade to the 11th ­ final version of the browser. One of the reasons why Microsoft isn’t ending support for Internet Explorer completely is because its enterprise users are still reliant on the latest version of the browser.

With that said, earlier versions of Internet Explorer will no longer receive patches or security updates of any kind. This will leave all previous versions of the browser vulnerable to security threats. So if you use an older version of Internet Explorer as your default browser, or if you use it even on the rare occasion, then we invite you to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 soon – before the update next week Tuesday.

Internet explorer 9

Since Windows 10 was launched in July 29 2015, Microsoft Edge, has staked its claim as the web browser of choice for Microsoft – with a whole host of improvements and features that make it stand out in comparison to Internet Explorer. The default browser for Windows 10 users (this is changeable) has been highly acclaimed, with jaw-dropping page rendering and fast tab-processing. It indeed makes Internet Explorer look like a legacy web browser.

Microsoft edge

The update has officially been labelled by Microsoft as an “End of life” notification – which admittedly recognizes that the time to move on from Internet Explorer has come. For web developers who have been forced to create code to target browsers from the past as well as the present, this development is good news. It means they can focus on creating more vibrant and edgy websites – worrying less about whether they’ll work well on older web browsers. The end of Internet Explorer’s life cycle has been long awaited. It points towards the promising vision that Microsoft is working with its new browser, Microsoft Edge. 


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