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24 Feb
Google Plus: the new best mate for entrepreneurs

For all business entrepreneurs out there, a new found mate is Google Plus for the simple reason it is relevant to the search engines, so it would it be too for your business.  It may have taken a bit of a knocking against Facebook but has steadily risen with growing numbers joining the community and its ever growing circle of members.

Google Plus advantages

Two features make Google Plus unique, which are search and social. After all, search engines lay emphasis on social sharing and its impact in finding the most relevant search results. As a consequence they are a powerful combination and with the combined might of Google + Google Plus they are a force to reckon with.  Some other key features of Google+ that are of service to entrepreneurs are:

  • Having a Google+ presence helps to connect with prospective clients whenever they try to find related services on the search function, Google+, mobile devices or maps. After all, a whopping 97% searches are done online for local businesses. This means the better your profile the more easily you are accessible and as a consequence there will be more prospective clients and possibility of conversions.
  • Having a Google+ page will help to build a following as well as brand loyalty. Members who follow you can share information and use the +1 icon to endorse your services and share content with friends. This will also help you to connect with other similar posts and content and will earn mutual approval for both you and the members who are connected to your circle.
  • SEO is the key to online rankings as well as traffic and using Google+ has a direct impact. While social networking activity does play a significant role in rankings, Google will consider your Google+ content as any web page. In the area of SEO and social media Google+ outshines its competitors with analytical tools offered to users to view key business statistics that are vital to your businesses’ performance.

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With Google+ being free to use and increasingly paying a significant role in the presence of online businesses, make the most of your Google+ profile. Besides being fun it will lead to greater profitability for your business in the long term!

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