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22 Jan
Google Launches AdSense Direct, direct competition with iSocket, BuySellAds

Today, Google launched a new feature for publishers getting started with their first directly sold ad deals and for those who are not good in complexities of DoubleClick for Publishers. By logging in to your ad sense account, you will easily maintain your direct sales ads. One more thing you can show them easily on your pages with making any changes to your website.

This feature of Google ad-sense will adds direct competition with top 3rd party ads network like iSocketBuySellAds. As we know, adsense has a system with some programing techniques and algorithms which show ads in continuity on a given site based  content on the site and Google’s knowledge of what a specific reader is likely interested in.Google-adsense-direct-sale-ads-neotericUK

This feature is til now only available for US users. we hope released soon for other one’s.

How to use this feature :

1) You’ll first need to arrange a direct deal with an advertiser.This can be any advertiser, regardless of whether or not they’re using AdWords.

2) Once you’ve both agreed on the terms of the deal, enter the details into your AdSense account.

3) You’ll get a link to send to the advertiser.Where they can upload their ad and pay for the deal with Google Wallet.

4) Once you approve the ad creative, the campaign will be ready to launch at the time period specified.


Points to remember :

1) Google takes a 15 percent cut from all AdSense Direct transactions. All invoicing and billing is handled through Google Wallet.

2) Advertisers simply buy the space for a given day or longer time period, though campaigns can’t last longer than 90 days.

For more understanding on how to create a direct sale ads account, go here. you can see the live video here.

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