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22 Nov
The future of SEO: The four pillars

SEO used to be all about on page optimisation, building backlinks and creating relevant content. Today, that’s changed – a huge part of contemporary SEO practices are based on influencing search queries themselves, not starting with a range of keywords and creating content around them. While links, keywords and content still most certainly remain the building blocks, the foundation from which these columns are being built is different. Let’s take a look at the four pillars.


Rankbrain is one the few algorithm updates that Google first revealed to a major news publication, and since then it kept the attention of marketers worldwide. According to Andrey Lipattsev and Gary Illyes of Google, Rankbrain only helps the algorithm interpret queries better before matching them with relevant page content.

Machine learning is where a computer teaches itself how to do something, requiring less human intervention. So while Hummingbird is still the overall search algorithm just like a car has an engine it, the engine itself is made up of various parts, and one of the newest parts is Rank brain. Industry leaders have unanimously agreed that the artificial intelligence system will continue to gain more significance over the years.

Accelerated Mobile pages

Google wants to bring mobile websites on pair with native apps regarding their usability. As such, AMP sites will now continue to grow in importance.

The knowledge graphs and rich answers

Launched in 2012, the knowledge graph represents Google’s slow but sure attempt to make the world information universally accessible.

Real-time integrated filters will be set up

Penguin has now been updated to be integrated into Panda’s main algorithm, making spam fighting a central automated function of serving search results.

All in all, Google will continue to focus on machine learning, understanding of semantics and automatically creating systems that enable its search engine to deliver the best results to users around the world.

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