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03 Sep
Everyday analytics: tips for website and social media analytics

You’d be forgiven for thinking, what with the rapid evolution of digital technology and the rise of smartphones and apps, that web-based marketing has been turned upside down. To some extent this may be true but, don’t doubt it, the biggest marketing asset to SMEs are still their websites.

In fact, statistically speaking, recent research has proven nearly eight in every ten people (78%) still conduct their primary research for a product or service online. And that means your website is still – more than any other marketing platform – likely to be the first and the last impression of your business customers have. In which case, having the capability to conduct decent, thorough analytics on your site is an absolute must. Is it performing as it should as a marketing tool? Analytics will help you to accurately find this out, draw conclusions and plan what to do next based on the results.

Google Analytics
A pretty straightforward and efficient way to get going with analytics on your site is via Google Analytics (especially easy if you already have a Google account). Google Analytics offers a basic marketing analysis of your site by addressing the likes of how many visits it’s receiving, where its visitors are located, and where online the traffic to your site’s coming from. It also helps determine which marketing tactics are working best, which pages are most popular, which visits are being converted into leads/ sales and what blog content’s proving performing best.

Social media analytics
However, nowadays your website’s unlikely to be your only online presence – or at least it certainly shouldn’t be the only one. Whether you run an SME or a multinational, you should be making the most of the enormous opportunities offered by social media; namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their ilk.

Should you be enjoying good social media reach and a high number of followers, likes, and impressions, then it’s likely to be delivering great content. But how do you know what constitutes great content in the eyes of social media users? Simple: use analytics to look at what content’s delivering what level of engagement – it’s one of the biggest marketing analytics tips out there.

As a starting point for social media analytics, be sure to make full use of the platforms’ own native analytics tools. Then, when you feel you’ve exhausted what they can tell you, and you need more, by all means, hunt down a quality third-party tool for even better analytics – there’s a lot out there to choose from.

Overall, though, remember that the more often you analyse your marketing, the more often you’ll discover what’s working and what’s not, thus the more often you can change and put things right to improve revenue.

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