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24 Sep
Tips for Email Marketing

If you’re looking to take your marketing to the next level, your business will need an email marketing strategy. It’s easy to imagine a scenario where you’re pumping out tons of social media updates, yet not receiving the return on investment. Email marketing is different in the sense that it gives your subscribers a direct personal email. So you’re more likely to reap the rewards since people are more likely to engage with the information in a focused way. You’ll receives more clicks, and more enquiries as a result.

Email Marketing

The first rule of thumb when you write your emails is to make sure they’re personal. Writing an email in way that suggests that there are other long list of people reading the email – can be a turn off. Also, you want to make sure your messages provide entertainment value, and are useful to the reader.

It’s no good pumping out emails to your subscribers to promote your product. Rather, you want your email readers to feel special. And you do that by proving them with discounts, and news that you wouldn’t otherwise provide to your other customers. Empathetic communication should be the cornerstone of your Email marketing campaign.

Here are a series of tips we believe will help you create a better Email campaign:

1) Imagine you’re confiding with someone on something you don’t usually share with other people. This will set the right tone for your emails.

2) Use Power Words. There are certain words that can generate trust between you and the reader. Include them in your copy so that your readers feel the energy behind your words.

3) Use short sentences. Web users are already used to reading long paragraphs on the web. Provide them with something refreshing by avoiding verbose passages of copy unless absolutely necessary.

In conclusion, by implementing the advice we’ve shared, you will be able to engage your customers in a much more personal way – and reap the benefits for your business.



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