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02 Jan
Don’t Change your already ranked URL’s otherwise you have to pay for it

Before starting the new year 2014, Google John Muller responded to a question in the Google Webmaster Help forums about changing a site’s URL structure completely.

MattAshby from Webmaster Forum asked “Advice on URL structure before we get burnt again” on its own site www.rightboat.com that is it a good idea to change the dynamic URl’s To static URl’s.

The site has tons and tons of dynamic URLs that look like this:




Then John Muller Replied on it that:

Getting back to your question about the URLs … I’d recommend *not* changing them, if you’d just change them for SEO reasons.

We’d need to recrawl & reindex your whole website, and afterwards we’d be able to understand it less than before, so in short: there’s no advantage to making that change on your website.

Even Seroundtable.com founder responded on it here.

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