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09 May
Creating a Fantastic Email Campaign

A fantastic email campaign starts with using a great design that aligns with your brand elicits the attention of your users. In addition, you’ll want to maintain some level of consistency of branding throughout all your emails. Secondly, you’ll want to make sure they are optimised across all platforms. After all, more and more people are accessing their emails with mobile devices nowadays.


Naturally, your subject lines and content need to be shorter if you want to ensure the engagement and readership of your audience. People have less attention to spare than they did just a couple of years ago, so delivering a great simple message is the key to a great email. If your emails aren’t being opened, then that means you’re wasting your time.

Another thing worth considering is the timing of your emails. If you send your emails late in the night for instance, your open rate is naturally going to low. Time your emails so that they get released sometime in the morning or afternoon, rather than the late evening when people are switching off from email. Also, be sure to not send too many emails to your audience in any given week!

The quickest way to become irrelevant by email is to bombard your email list, with email after email. Fundamentally, an e-mail campaign can be also be in ruins before it’s started because of how it’s been crafted.  Including headlines and attractive images make the world of difference. Links within the e-mail should also be functioning properly.

Bearing in mind that some customers may not open up the mail at all, it is vital that all parts of the e-mail cater to audiences’ needs.  Another reason as to why e-mails should be fully optimised is because e-mail marketing is a great way to gain insights into your audience via the analytics console of your email marketing service. You can gain insights into how many people view your emails via mobile, tablet, and computer. You also see where your emails are being opened, all across the world. These features, along with many others, mean you can run email marketing campaigns towards subset communities within your audience.

The content within your email is the most important as this could be the difference between the clicking a link and ultimately making a purchase or unsubscribing. Naturally, email marketers need to be great storytellers just as much as technicians. The content should be easily scannable and engaging from start to finish.  In some cases, recipients of the e-mail won’t be reading the whole of the e-mail and so the content should be vibrant enough to grab audiences’ attention – the message of your emails has to come across as quickly as possible.

If companies have the right tools and approach to an e-mail campaign, it can be a responsive and successful campaign.


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