Owen White Catlin

Case Study of Owen White Catlin

Owen White Catlin provides its clients with a reputable, friendly solicitor service for individuals and businesses around London. Established in 1921; it has seven offices based in South London.

Case Study results for Owen White Catlin

The Challenge

Owen White Catlin solicitors needed more leads to boost their profits. As a Google Partner, they approached us with the idea of using Google marketing strategies to increase their ranking for the most prominent business related keywords related to their practice.

The Objectives

Improve SEO campaign performance, and generate as many new leads as possible.

  • Determine the best keywords to use for Owen White Catlin
  • Increase rankings for all selected keywords
  • Generate more traffic to the Owen White Catlin site
  • Increase the brand reputation
Owen White Catlin

The Strategy

We mapped the most accessible legal services to our SEO campaign, made the website mobile-friendly, and attended their marketing meetings to understand how to best approach the task on hand. With our SEO strategy, this was comprised of back-linking, site changes, meta-description amendments and more.  We also made sure to use conversion tracking to determine the number of new clients we helped solicit business from for Owen White Catlin.

  • Increase in site visitors by
    Increase in site visitors by
  • Growth in contact form submissions by
    Growth in contact form submissions by
  • Increase in leads/contacts
    Increase in leads/contacts
Owen White Catlin


  • Increase in site visitors by 10.5% compared to 2015 metrics
  • Growth in contact form submissions by 50.17% to 2015 metrics
  • 100% increase in leads/contacts
  • We provided Owen White Catlin with a 566.67% ROI* which they have been incredibly satisfied with them. To do this, we continue to work with them on SEO to boost their profit margins. *£50 per lead
Owen White Catlin


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