Motor2Go Social Media

Case Study of Motor2Go Social Media

Motor2Go is a car dealership website dedicated to providing customers with an easy way to sell or purchase motors. They are also intent on providing their clients with the fairest prices possible, as demonstrated by their accurate car valuation and car finance service.

Case Study results for Motor2Go Social Media

The Challenge

Motor2Go needed to generate more traffic to their website via social media using: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Due to some of the great social media results we’ve provided for other clients, they solicited NeotericUK’s expertise in this domain.

The Objectives

Develop a brand identity via Social media for Motor2Go – built around the principle that Motor2go is the number one go-to site for buying and selling motors. The target demographic is mostly comprised of men who are looking to purchase a new car. Some of our specific objectives were:

  • Increase social media followers so as to generate traffic to the website
  • Get fans to engage on the social media pages
  • Build a strong, likeable brand
Motor2Go Social Media

The Fix

  • We performed an analysis on their entire competitor’s social media channels; determining what works and what doesn’t.
  • With that knowledge, we developed a strategy document detailing brand guidelines, type of content to post, campaigns, etc.
  • We made use of paid advertising to increase the number of followers and to generate clicks to the website.
  • Video view rate on Twitter advertising
    Video view rate on Twitter advertising
  • Cost per view clicks on Twitter advertising
    Cost per view clicks on Twitter advertising
  • Increase in engagement on Twitter
    Increase in engagement on Twitter
  • Increase in impressions
    Increase in impressions
Motor2Go Social Media


  • 30.39% video view rate on Twitter advertising
  • 0.01 Cost per view clicks on Twitter advertising
  • 314.3% increase in engagement on Twitter between August 2015 and July 2016.
  • 153.2% increase in impressions between August 2015 and July 2016
Motor2Go Social Media


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