Case Study of Goddiva

Goddiva is a women’s online shop that provides customers with trendy, celebrity style clothing without the expensive, designer price tag. Over recent years, it’s grown in popularity as a result of staying on the edge of the latest fashion.

Case Study results for Goddiva

The Challenge

At NeotericUK, we were tasked with improving their brand and the revenue of their website while also reducing their commissions and dependencies from other 3rd party channels.  Goddiva wanted to make their website the predominant means by which they generated their revenue – so that they could be in greater control of their business income in the long term.

The Objectives

We first needed to increase revenue from visitors looking for related keywords to women’s fashion wear so that we could increase return on average spend.  One of our most important toolkits was to use SEO strategies to increase brand exposure and visibility.

  • Increase Revenue from Search Engines
  • Develop and implement a digital strategy in increase income from their direct channel
  • Improve SEO campaign performance
  • Generate more online sales from PPC

The Fix

  • Campaigns were set up to Target Semi-Generic keywords  ( e.g. buy red prom dress, Buy Green cardigan) along with RLSA campaigns to optimise bids on high potential customers
  • Creating themes for the different months – to promote the brand and keep the engagement rate high.
  • We mapped the bestselling items to our SEO and PPC campaigns.
  • We added Negative Keywords on the groups as well as campaign level.
  • Increase in site visitors by
    Increase in site visitors by
  • Increase in transactions by
    Increase in transactions by
  • Growth in revenue of
    Growth in revenue of
  • Reduced Average CPC by
    Reduced Average CPC by


  • Increase in site visitors by 20.05%
  • Increase in transactions by 24.17%
  • Growth in revenue of 50.92%
  • Reduced Average CPC by 11%
  • Goal Abandonment Rate improved by 207%
  • Improved conversion rate by 15%
  • We provided Goddiva with a 21069.76% ROI
  • Achieving a PPC ROI of 538.65%
  • Reduce Cost/Conv. By 90%
  • Increased Revenue by 33.1% in Q2 2016 as compared to last year same period.


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