Designer Radiators Direct

Case Study of Designer Radiators Direct

Designer Radiators Direct is a company that provides lavish radiators for the design conscious person. At the same time, they also endeavour to provide functional designs at a lower price than most.

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The Challenge

Designer radiators wanted to create a new demand for its products through the use of SEO, targeting several different keywords related to home design. Our challenge was to raise brand awareness of DRD, creating a desire in homeowners to have radiators fit the unique style of their homes.

The Objectives

Improve SEO campaign performance, so as to increase the number of users on the site, and the yearly revenue generated.

  • Increase traffic to the site thereby increasing revenue.
  • Boost the average order value.
  • Increase the awareness of the DRD brand.
Designer Radiators Direct

The Strategy

We targeted the bestselling radiators to our SEO campaign, planning our strategy with the optimal keywords while using links from niche related sites to boost the authority of the DRD brand. And in all the copy we used, we share the sentiment that designer radiators are supremely functional as well as being beautifully designed.

  • ROI Increased by
    ROI Increased by
  • Average Order Value Grew by
    Average Order Value Grew by
  • Revenue Increased by
    Revenue Increased by
  • Number of Users Increased by
    Number of Users Increased by
Designer Radiators Direct


  • Between the July 2013 and the September 2015, the average order value grew by 55.00%
  • Between the July 2013 and the September 2015, revenue increased by 847%
  • Between December 2012 and January 2016, the number of users increased by 231%
  • We provided DRD with a 2242.47% ROI
Designer Radiators Direct


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