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05 Jul
Does your business need a mobile app? 4 questions to consider

Apps are everywhere, it seems. And, if you listen to some people, you’d believe apps are everything. But could they be a flash in the pan? Are all those companies who’ve launched an app merely jumping on the bandwagon, or are they doing something every business and its aunt ought to be doing? Well, the truth is that, before forking out to build a mobile business app, you seriously need to work out whether your business needs one. How can you do that? Well, you might start by considering the following four questions.


Your competitors?

The vast majority of business owners – whether they be SMEs or big corporate entities – know who their rivals are; which of yours have already taken the plunge and successfully launched apps? Don’t doubt it, one reason you may want to follow their lead is to avoid that awkward – and potentially very damaging moment – when a prospective/ current customer points out in public that your rival has a good app running, but you don’t have one at all.

Your goals?

What are you always looking to achieve through your business? To drive up revenue, right? Increase your productivity? Improve awareness of your brand? And maybe reduce costs? If you do it smartly and successfully, launching a business app can help you achieve all these goals. It can strengthen and deepen your brand identity with customers, and so generate leads and revenue. Plus, touching on the point above about competitors, should your rivals have not joined the app revolution yet, you can get a jump on them by launching one first – and so establish a competitive edge.

Your customers?

We know that the clients consistently unlock, scan and scroll through their smartphone devices to find the sort of apps they want to download because we’re all customers; we all appreciate that’s traditional smartphone-user behaviour. Thus, because customers do this, should you have an app presence, potential clients will consistently see you, resulting in your app catching their eye and getting downloaded. There’s evidence on record that mobile users spend more time on apps than they do on any other platform. Your chances of customer engagement – perhaps over any other Internet-based presence – has got to be high if you’ve launched a decent, attractive app.

Your website?

Finally, one more point worth considering – the question as to get an app or not is often framed by the debate of a mobile app versus a website. But does it have to be? An alternative to one or the other, potentially both lucrative and cost-effective could, of course, be a combination of the two – a mobile website. Yes, it mostly works the same way as a desktop site; the difference being that it’s optimised for smartphones, which ensures that when customers are away from their PCs, they get all the functions, conveniences, and advantages of engaging with your business via your website. Now, that’s worth considering, isn’t it?


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