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12 Jul
Building your Brand with Content Marketing

Content marketing is a term used to describe the creation of content for marketing purposes. You have content marketing on your website, for instance. You may also have it on your social media sites and newsletters.

It is important you pay close attention to your content marketing because it aims to attract and retain customers.

There is a definite technique to content marketing. You need to engage with your target market, and you can only do this if you truly understand your target audience. Of course, your aim is to drive profit and custom action so you need to ensure that you hire a good content marketer to help you with this task.

Essentially, marketing is impossible without unique and effective content. Your content should be consistent across all platforms, from PR to inbound marketing and social media marketing. Your strategy needs to be clear and concise.

Writing your content isn’t as easy as it sounds. A writer will be able to summarise your brand and be informative whilst also persuasive and engaging. Having the right balance between these elements is important. Otherwise, you could have an overly sales driven content on your website that makes the user feel reluctant to read or interact with the website any further.

It is also important to note that advertisements are not always as effective as content marketing. In fact, according to some studies, 80% of businesses prefer to get company information in the form of articles rather than adverts.

A further 60% say that reading company content helps them to make better product decisions, rather than an advert which can be too simplistic. By having informative content that can speak volumes about what you offer as a company, your products, your services and your staff, a customer is able to understand your business and make an informed decision about whether to invest in you or not.

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