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04 May
Why websites should be designed keeping user’s goals in mind

To make a website successful in attracting viewers, one needs to focus on several factors while designing it. While some factors are purely technical and can be handled by professional designers and other experts only, some can be taken care of by the owner. If you are planning to design a website for yourself, you can make it successful without spending money in bulk for a professional designer. Instead of hiring a web designing company which charges huge fees you can try design your website on your own. Yes, challenges will be there but you can overcome them by learning the fundamental HTML operations and taking a DIY approach. You just need to design your website keeping in mind the common user’s goals and demands.

Before starting with the designing, just think what you would expect from your site as a user. Thinking from the point of view of a browser or visitor will help you make your website design more user-friendly. If saving money is your target, go for ecommerce web design templates that are available online at very reasonable rates and then start customizing it according to your wish, instead of designing one from the scratch which involves huge cost. Start with making minor but necessary changes to the template design and concentrate on the contents and the SEO part to ensure its better visibility. The positive results of your efforts will give you far more satisfaction than what a website designed by a professional designer would have provided you. Besides, your success will help you understand what exactly the users look for in a website.

Another simple thing that you can do on your own is making your website equipped with a text editor feature. If the text editor feature is there you could update contents of your site according to necessity and you won’t need to redesign the site for this. You have to delete the previous content and upload the new ones to make it updated.
The DIY or do it yourself approach could be very effective for you if you suucceds in choosing the right software. Varieties of DIY software are available in the market to choose from but before buying one consult with a web page designer, if possible. Follow the designs and functions of websites similar to your’s one and incorporate their important features in it. If this appears too difficult hire a website designer company which helps small businesses like yours one in developing their websites. You will find some designers but don’t approach them initially for designing the site from the scratch. Instead hire them for customizing your site.

Another thing that you should focus on is HTML tag. Very often SEO people write clumsy html tags which affect the site’s visibility in the SERPs. As a person with knowledge in HTML, you can easily prevent this mishap from occurring.

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