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08 May
Qualities that your ecommerce website must have

Thanks to the growing numbers of ecommerce websites, it has become more challenging for sites to prove their superiority and achieve success. Having an ecommerce website is not enough these days since there are thousands of same nature. You need to ensure that your ecommerce website has got the essential qualities. If you are on the initial stage of designing your ecommerce website, read on this blog to take not of the features that it should be equipped with.

Quality content: Make sure that the contents uploaded on your site are very well-written. Edit them properly before uploading to ensure there are no grammatical and spelling mistakes on the texts, since such things make bad impression about a site and the business. Also see that your contents provide viewers with information that are really useful. Keep updating the contents to ensure people always get the latest information from your site.

Visual appeal: Contents on your website will be of use only if your website succeeds in attracting the attention of the viewers. Your website should have an attractive design to impress viewers on the first view. You can surely make use of visuals but see that they do not suppress the contents. Keep the design clean and simple but attractive at the same attractive. Avoid use of flashing pictures and blinking letters as they distract the viewers.

User-friendly interface: Since you want viewers to take a tour of your ecommerce website, make sure its interface is easy for them to use. Viewers should be able to move from one page to the other and browse contents comfortable. Provide easy navigation features and keep them consistent throughout the pages. To make exploring convenient, provide links of the important pages on the home page or use a site map so that viewers can get to know about the other pages while browsing the home page.

Reader-friendly content layout: since you want readers to read the contents of your site, make a layout that doesn’t make reading difficult. Avoid pasting texts on colored backgrounds as it makes reading stressful. Black lettered text on white background is the best option. In case of long blocks of texts, break it into small paragraphs of four to five sentences to make reading convenient. Instead of using multiple fonts and colors stick to one or two sets as that will create a pattern. Multiple scroll bars are also disturbing for many viewers and hence make minimum use of them.

Search function: Allow visitors to go for a detailed search to check out availability of products at your store. Add a search box to your site so that people can search for products or items of their choices.
Compatibility: Make sure your ecommerce website is compatible to all the popular browsers so that maximum people could access it.

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