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Articles on SEO by our experts at Neoteric UK

Pinterest is becoming heavy competition with new “Buy Now” button and other features


In the past, Pinterest has been used as a virtual idea board where users can pin new recipes,[...]

Could Apple Pay be coming to the UK?

i phone

Released in the US in October, Apple Pay has become rapidly successful in a very short period of[...]

6 Essential SEO Tips

seo ideas

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a necessity for every company that has a presence online.[...]

How PR Agencies’ Skill Sets Are Changing


In an ever evolving media landscape, it makes sense that the skills needed by people in PR have to[...]

Making the Most Out of Optimisation

seo optimization

SEO is a firmly established marketing practice. It’s been around for at least twenty years now,[...]

What makes a great logo?


It was once said that all great logos can be drawn with one finger on a sandy beach but have you[...]

Content Is King: But Only If It’s the Right Type of Content

content king

If you know anything about SEO, it should be that ‘content is king’. Google will a website[...]

SEO: Debunking the Myths

seo myth

SEO is something that I’ve been doing for at least a decade now. It started as something I did[...]

Voice Search? Does Anyone Actually Use It?

voice search

If you’re aged between 15 and 25, you already know that plenty of us use voice search to browse[...]

404 Page Not Found Ideas for Your Website

404 page

There’s only really one website that I know that does great 404 pages, and I’m not allowed to[...]