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11 May
Attention! The New Penguin Update by Google is at Work

When we think of a penguin, what comes to mind is the intelligent Arctic bird which is loved worldwide after having been featured in numerous commercials and other mediums. However, Google has launched its own search algorithm named after this popular bird and it contains an exclusive Downfall meme as well. 24th April saw the release of this update which is specifically targeted at inefficient websites. It promises to deal with problem factors backing such inefficiency such as unwanted links and spamming.

Some content on the web can be deemed poor on account of keyword stuffing. Other reasons can be the total mismatch of site content and the links available. There are relevant examples provided by Google with regard to the concept of keyword stuffing and link schemes through their official blog. Penguin cleans up all such poor content on the web and with Google being spot-on when it comes to information, the consumer is king!

According to Google, this concept which has been deemed a novel one is poised to influence approximately 3.1 percent of all English linguistic queries. Queries for languages most affected by spamming are dealt with most effectively in this case. Penguin may well be constitute a meager share in regards to its overall effect yet numerous online reports have been brought to light with serious effects due to visible changes in the SERP’s and this augurs well for it.

As users you would naturally think of the best course of action in case you are affected in a similar manner due to such ongoing problems. If white hat SEO tactics have been adopted by your site for the purpose of building up all your links naturally, then there should be no negative effect on the same. What Google Penguin can do in such cases is improve the SERP’s considerably and maintain the best standards of quality for your website.

In the event of any problems on account of this update you can feel free to fill up the feedback form provided for such cases. Making complaints is also easy if you feel you have been losing SERP’s unnecessarily. Google will do its best to fix your problem as early as possible.

Google tightens the reins only if your website has been indulging in spamming. No reconsideration requests will be accepted in that case. The solution is to remove all spam content from your website and consider the usage of white hat tactics instead. What remains to wonder about is in the name of the update, which many feel has been drawn from the story of the penguins at Edinburgh zoo envying the pandas for the attention they receive all the while.

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