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Snapchat mimics Instagram’s Boomerang with Looping Snaps


With more competition in the social media space, app companies are developing new innovative[...]

Creating a Fantastic Email Campaign


A fantastic email campaign starts with using a great design that aligns with your brand elicits the[...]

Why SEO is Vital for the Long Term Health of Your Business


SEO is a constantly changing channel in marketing, and it’s an essential part of any large[...]

How to Create Content that Converts


Creating content that converts is an important step in developing your marketing campaign to the[...]

Mobile Payment Services Growing in Number

Mobile Apps

More and more social media platforms are opening the door for their users to exchange funds on[...]

How to Step up your Email Marketing Efforts

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to interact with your customers on a personal level. In fact, there[...]

Why PPC is here to Stay


PPC is alive and well and remains an essential part of any good digital marketing strategy.[...]

Comparing Amazon and Google Cloud Web Services


A few weeks before the Google Next event, Amazon Web Service experienced severe disruptions;[...]

Google Cloud’s New Cloud Platform

google cloud

In a bid to convince companies to make their Cloud service a core part of their future, Google[...]

4 Secrets of Successful Video Marketing

Video marketing

Video marketing is all the rage nowadays, with YouTube now the second most popular search engine in[...]

How to use Social Proof In your Marketing Campaign

social proof

Social proof often stumps marketers but it’s a vital addition to any marketing arsenal, and it[...]

How Social Media has Changed Best Business Practice

social media (Small)

Social Media apps are now all the rage nowadays, with companies using them to communicate, express[...]

Snapchat’s New Upcoming Features


Due to increasing completion from other social media platforms with their own Story feature,[...]

Twitter Lite Launches for Slower Broadband Networks

twitter two

In an increasingly competitive social media space, more and more companies are developing and[...]

Why is Snapchat Valued at $29 Billion?


Snapchat is a highly valuable company, going public at $29 billion in early 2017. The founders of[...]

Number of Advertisers on Facebook is growing

facebook live

Facebook Ads has been a promising avenue for thousands of businesses. In a bid to gain more[...]

Will Instagram Story become more popular than Snapchat?


Snapchat was the first App in the app space that launched a ‘Stories’ section. With time,[...]

How to Promote your Business Online

online businesses

Are you an owner of a shop or a company? If so you will definitely benefit from more leads or sales[...]

10 Ways to Determine the Value of a Backlink


With all the efforts that you are putting into guest posts, infographics and email outreach[...]

12 Ways to Get More Email Suscribers

Email Marketing

Email converts 8.5x better than social media and boasts twice the ROI of PPC. So if you want to[...]

5 Reasons for Poor Website Rankings in Google


Google is a leader in the search market, and most of us use it as our preferred search engine.[...]

How does Google determine a site’s authority?


Google is built on providing users with the most relevant web search results. Among many factors,[...]

What will the future of Social Media look like?


Social media has interwoven itself into the very fabric of our lives. And if it’s being used to[...]

Facebook introduces eBay competitor


Facebook lately has been gathering steam with its new innovative updates. For one, the new[...]

The future of SEO: The four pillars


SEO used to be all about on page optimisation, building backlinks and creating relevant content.[...]

How mobile has changed the way we search


Doesn’t it make sense that after using a mobile device consistently, that our habits on desktop[...]

Preparing for SEO in 2017

Mobile SEO Services- Neotericuk

As we all know, tracking return on investment from SEO can be tricky – especially since it often[...]

The Duplicate Content Penalty Myth

Content marketing

Somehow, thousands of marketers have got it in their head that they’ll be penalised severely[...]

Social Media myths you need to forget

Take advantage of Social Media

Some of our notions about social media marketing are just wrong. Those of us who find ourselves in[...]

What makes government organisations’ Social Media Unique

social media (Small)

Social media has become one of the most important parts of the internet, connecting brands with[...]

Content marketing home truths: think big and write long

content marketing photo (2) (Small)

You may have read on this blog recently about the importance of using data collection and measuring[...]

App usage is rising in every age group – are you taking advantage of it?

mobile apps photo (Small)

Do you like to download and use apps on your smartphone? Well, the latest research suggests that if[...]

3 big ways analytics can improve your digital marketing

analytics photo (Small)

If your approach to online advertising – or marketing – is essentially the same as it would be[...]

Making them work for you: successfully activating affiliates

affliate marketing photo (Small)

It’s all too easy to assume that running an affiliate marketing programme – where freelance[...]

Tricks of the trade: 4 essential content marketing techniques

content marketing photo (Small)

Wouldn’t it be terrific to convert a potential customer into not just a one-hit customer but a[...]

How Video is changing Digital Marketing

video marketing photo (Small)

The demand for video content is on the rise. Reports have found that 100 million people watch[...]

How will Google’s Penguin 4.0 change SEO?


Penguin 4.0 (AKA Penguin 7) is Google’s highly awaited update to the Penguin algorithm. It’s[...]

A new dawn? The rise and rise of analytics in digital marketing

analytics x (Small)

The benefits of marketing analytics – analysing the results of online marketing campaigns,[...]

The trio of no’s: the three big don’ts of content marketing

content marketing x (Small)

According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), last year less than one in four (38%) B2B[...]

Everyday analytics: tips for website and social media analytics

Google Webmaster and Analytics- Neotericuk(Website Design Company UK)

You’d be forgiven for thinking, what with the rapid evolution of digital technology and the rise[...]

A marketing must: the power of in-app advertising

Online advertising

There are many statistics that might persuade you to make the most of the in-app advertising, but[...]

What’s hot: where’s content marketing heading right now?

imgpsh_fullsize (Small)

As much as anything else, content marketing comes down to giving the customer – or, to be more[...]

Affiliate marketing FAQs: learn the essentials

affliate marketing

Being an SME owner, as you may be, chances are you’ve heard of affiliate marketing. After all,[...]

Great app-ortunity: why marketing matters when launching an app

mobile apps on iphone

Launching a mobile app can be a fantastic contributor to marketing your business. It means, once a[...]

The holy trinity of marketing: instinct, experience and data analysis

data analysis

More and more, SMEs stage their most successful marketing campaigns by blending three things –[...]

Affiliate, influencer and referral marketing – which one’s for you?


There seem to be so many different ‘forms’ of Internet-based and social media-friendly[...]

Are you on the right path? How to get your content marketing right

Marketing plan

If your business’ online marketing content isn’t done right then, it can harm its brand’s[...]

How Twitter bios are great for building an audience

twitter two

We introduce ourselves in different ways in both professional and personal circumstances. These[...]

Should sound in social media video ads be in stereo or silent?

social media listen (Small)

We’ve all been there – happily scanning the latest updates on our social media apps when[...]

New ‘Dashboard’ on Twitter lets companies manage their business all-in-one!

twitter one

 Twitter’s Social Media platform is getting even easier for marketers to manage their business[...]

Stop, Look and Listen!


Social Media Listening is all about getting an insight into what’s being said online about a[...]

LinkedIn auctions off desktop banner ads

linkedin one

Going once, going twice – sold! Welcome to the auction for desktop banner ads at LinkedIn.[...]

Top marketing tips that can be boost the potential of your social media influencer

influencer (Small)

Not everyone likes or wants to be told they need to ask for help. A prime, stereotypical example[...]

How to create a Facebook Ads campaign with a focus for conversion

facebook notifications

Big numbers and figures look great on paper and flashing across the screen, but when there are over[...]

Facebooks looks set to include ads whilst airing Live

facebook live

Facebook has been going Live for almost a year now. Since the beginning of August 2015, Facebook[...]

Golden half-dozen: 6 ways Big Data could revolutionise your marketing

big data

What makes good marketing? Talented and experienced marketers? Of course. Strategically planned and[...]

The right writing: the importance of good content in affiliate marketing


The rewarding of online publishers for bringing customers and thus sales to a business’s website[...]

Be social, share and do research: how to improve your content marketing


Fair enough, a good number of small and medium-sized business owners may feel a little daunted by[...]

Does your business need a mobile app? 4 questions to consider


Apps are everywhere, it seems. And, if you listen to some people, you’d believe apps are[...]

Why launching an app will boost your business revenues

mobile app

Every business is looking for a competitive edge – a sure-fire way to generate new and more[...]

Predictive analytics: the end of scattershot marketing is nigh


Remember the time before smartphones, social media accounts and apps came to dominate every other[...]

Keeping affiliates happy: how to make affiliate marketing work for you

affliate 2

If you run a company that sells products big or small, provides services or enables people to go on[...]

What does successful content marketing look like?

content marketing 1

What does success genuinely look like with content marketing? How do you know whether your latest[...]

Brand your own podcast to spread the word


What do we know about podcasts? We can listen to them on our Smart Phones and iPods while we[...]

Top WordPress themes for 2016


How can you make your website stand out? You want it to look good and perform to the max! There are[...]

Snapchat Takeover is taking care of business


Snapchat is here. It has evolved from its Stanford University conception as a social app that[...]

How to figure out your Social Media budget

social media

How integral is Social Media to your business? Duke’s Fuqua School of Business plotted results[...]

Video ads: the Instagram strategy


If there is a platform that is cheap to run as well as produce the content for – it’s naturally[...]

Amazon broadcast their own YouTube service


When logging into Amazon, you might have to double-take to check which website you’re on. No,[...]

Step up your brand’s response time on Twitter


Are you quick off the draw and cast an eagle eye over your Twitter page to see what’s occurring?[...]

Big Data’s making a big noise: what marketing analytics is doing for businesses


There’s no doubt about it, the use of Big Data-driven marketing analytics is here to stay.[...]

Affiliate marketing: the disrupter-in-chief of traditional marketing


With a heading like that you’d expect this blog article to be on the side of affiliate marketing[...]

Tricks of the trade: how content marketing boosts SEO


Ah, search engine optimisation (SEO). No doubt you’ve heard of it, but unless you’ve thrown[...]

Give the customer what they want: the importance of choice in mobile apps

mobile apps

It can sometimes feel like smartphones are taking over our lives. No question, the proliferation of[...]

Marketing analytics: how to leverage Big Data to your advantage

big data

There’s always a tension between marketers coming up with creative campaigns that catch the eye[...]

The right one for the job: how to recruit affiliate marketers


Affiliate marketing (using other people’s online presences to market your brand and products/[...]

New Facebook feature moves brand targeting forward


It’s not just about posting statuses and check-ins to envy your friends or to reveal spoilers and[...]

How to put your Social Media to good use

social media

OK – so you have your Social Media sites up and running. You’ve got your Twitter, Facebook, and[...]

Why video ads could be your marketing box-office hit

video ads

A lot of effort goes into making the perfect video to reflect your brand. The production and time[...]

Google rolls out new mobile-friendly algorithm to boost your ranking!

Mobile Friendly

The day has come to Google yourself ecstatic. Search Engine Land calls it “mobilegeddon”. You[...]

The benefits of content marketing: can your business afford to miss out?


Clichés tend to be clichés because they’re true – and the old business dictum that time is[...]

Top tips to hone your tone


Are you communicating with your customers in the right timbre? Can you get your point across in a[...]

Trendy Social Media Platforms

Content Marketing

Are you afraid of getting lost in the vast and overgrown blogging jungle? Every day, voices are[...]

What’s new about WordPress 4.5?

WordPress 4.5

According to Business.com, WordPress is regarded as one of the top platforms for business blogging:[...]

Are ads becoming too irrelevant for consumers?

Online advertising

Spam emails and junk mail – we don’t like them! Posters, flyers and unsolicited material gets[...]

Why is content marketing so powerful?

content marketing

Enabling businesses to market themselves through written copy rather than via display or search[...]

Developing your app: 4 things to focus on


It’s been predicted mobiles will eventually dominate all digital devices not just for e-commerce,[...]

Analysing the growth of marketing analytics


Thanks to the growing use among companies of ‘big data’ (enormous data sets that traditional[...]

Affiliate marketing’s irresistible rise – and the issues it raises


If you’re an SME retailer and considering affiliate marketing to boost your bottom line, you may[...]

What makes Google different?


In the last decade, Google has become one of the most recognized companies in the world. Its name[...]

Why Mobile Marketing is getting bigger

mobile marketing

The landscape of mobile marketing is changing, and mobile devices are fundamentally transforming[...]

The secrets behind a successful content marketing strategy

Content marketing

In many ways, content marketing is the cornerstone of digital marketing – it’s the smart,[...]

Why you need a Social Calendar

social calendar

2016 has arrived, and businesses are turning a new page. In this post, we’ll be unveiling some[...]

Online Businesses Becoming More Expensive to Run than Traditional Shops

online businesses

It’s now becoming more expensive to start an online business than is it to open a traditional[...]

5 tips to get ahead in affiliate marketing -

affliate marketing

Getting ahead of the game in affiliate marketing isn’t always easy. Legislation seems to get ever[...]

A look into Modern Web Design

Web Design

Modern web design is changing rapidly. Websites have been as subject to changes in fashion as[...]

Making the Most of Your YouTube Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ll know that video marketing[...]

How to make sure mobile marketing makes your business money

Mobile marketing

If you run an SME there’s absolutely no point in embracing the mobile revolution, making an app[...]

How marketers and businesses can benefit from data analytics

Data analytics

There’s a misconception out there that in order to run data analytics, you need to be an expert.[...]

The numerous benefits of the Magento Ecommerce Platform

Magento ecommerce

If you’re looking to design a website for your business, you might be confused by which platform[...]

The Evolution of Modern Web Design

Modern Web design

As with everything in the online marketplace, modern web design is changing rapidly. Websites have[...]

Building a Content Marketing Strategy that gets People interested in your Products

content king

Whether you’re building a business from scratch, or you’re growing one, then it’s likely that[...]

Everything You Need to Know About Google’s New Webmaster Guidelines

Google Webmaster guidelines

At the end of last month, Google unveiled the latest set of Webmaster Guidelines, the rules by[...]

Top Tips for Converting Visitors into Customers


Many marketers and web developers spend a great deal of time and attention on attracting visitors[...]

How to Stay Ahead of the Video Marketing Curve

Video marketing

In the current, information-saturated online landscape, marketers are constantly looking for new[...]

Affiliate marketing: New approaches in 2016


Popular with consumers and advertising partners (not least because of its roots in native content),[...]

Analytics in 2016: Are marketers struggling to analyse the data coming into their companies?


As 2015 bites the dust and we enter 2016, it appears to be more crucial than maybe ever before for[...]

Internal leaders: the ideal contributors for content marketing?

Content Marketing

Content marketing has grown to become a dominant player in the online marketing blend of recent[...]

Is app usage maturing? Pre-existing users drive 2015 growth statistics

Mobile Apps

According to a recent report compiled by mobile analytics company Flurry, app usage appears to be[...]

The Golden Rule of eCommerce: Make it Convenient


It’s common sense that, whether online or not, any retailer should strive to make the buying[...]

Top Tips to Improve Your Website’s SEO


Search engine optimization is notorious for being something of a dark art, with developers and[...]

Internal leaders: the ideal contributors for content marketing?

content king

Content marketing has grown to become a dominant player in the online marketing blend of recent[...]

Is app usage maturing? Pre-existing users drive 2015 growth statistics


According to a recent report compiled by mobile analytics company Flurry, app usage appears to be[...]

Microsoft is pulling the plug on older versions of Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer being caged

At one point in time, Internet Explorer was the most popular web browser in the world. In the last[...]

Content Marketing that connects with the customer

Content Marketing Strategy

Every product requires a content strategy, but every content strategy requires research. Trotting[...]

The Power of Emojis to Boost Social Engagement


Retweets, likes, comments and shares are constantly being chased by marketers and social media[...]

Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to Millienals

Traditional content marketing works on pretty simple tenets: a company pays to have their brand[...]

How to research a a Content Marketing Strategy


Every product requires a content strategy, but every content strategy requires research. Trotting[...]

What Type of Content Encourages People to Buy?

Buy now

There’s no doubting that the internet has changed a huge amount when it comes to consumer habits[...]

Do you need a social media manager?

Social Media Manager

Many business owners are the same – knowing full well everything affects the bottom line; they[...]

Local businesses value Local Search above all other channels

Google Analytics

For local business owners and local marketers, it appears there’s no question which digital[...]

Laptop Usage on the Wane as Smartphones Take Over

Mobiles are the ultimate shopping assistant

Smartphones are more popular than ever, with as much as 25% of total internet use carried out on a[...]

Why Marketers use ‘Scarcity’ as a Sales tactic

Google Analytics

The idea that a product is only going to be available for a certain amount of time – has[...]

Mobile email marketing – The golden rules

Email Marketing

To say that optimising email marketing for a mobile phone would be a powerful tool for your[...]

Getting the Most Out of Your Mobile E-mail Marketing

Email marketing

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we use the internet, and e-mail is no exception. In[...]

The potential effects of Smartwatches on Internet Marketing


Slowly, smart watches are becoming more popular. Not too long ago, they were seen as an unnecessary[...]

Are retailers misusing social media?

Social Media

Can you imagine a business taking their customers for granted, or even ignoring them, and hoping it[...]

How Facebook’s New Reactions feature will impact your marketing

Facebook Like

You’ve posted up a new thrilling piece of content to share on your company’s Facebook[...]

Five Ways Customer Feedback Helps to Grow Online Businesses

online reviews

Business is hard, but anyone that runs their own business can tell you the importance of having[...]

Optimizing your websites performance

Optimizing your websites performance

It goes without saying that in the modern world, having a fast, efficient website is crucial for[...]

Online Reviews Are Key to Developing Your Brand

online reviews

A good reputation has always been the cornerstone of any successful business. If people have[...]

Why you should work on your business’s online reputation

online reviews

  In the old days, businesses lived and died by word-of-mouth about the quality of their[...]

Don’t be a passive business on online review sites – set up a profile and participate

online review

If you own a company, you’ve likely discovered that customers posting reviews of you online is[...]

The importance of online review management to your business


Online customer reviews. They’re out there, every business knows they are; but what to do about[...]

How to manage your business’s online reviews – use a management platform

online review

Being able to anticipate and react to positive and negative online reviews from customers is[...]

How Reviews and Ratings Benefit E-Commerce Businesses

online review

Every business that has an online presence should have a ratings and review section on their site.[...]

Managing online customer reviews – the positive ones and the negative ones


Online customer reviews are something to be feared for some businesses. Why does such a thing exist[...]

Communication, trust and improvement – the value of online reviews to businesses

online review

Encouraging customers to review its service online is a must for every business, primarily because[...]

How to getgood online reviews – the 5-step plan

online review

The advantages of receiving positive as opposed to negative online customer reviews are obvious –[...]

Where do customers post online reviews?

online review

Businesses around the globe are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of customer reviews,[...]

How Reviews and Ratings Benefit E-Commerce Businesses

online review

Online reviews and ratings offer a plethora of benefits for e-commerce businesses. They instil[...]

What’s the future for online reviews?

online review

Things move incredibly quickly on the Internet and the rise of online customer reviews to the[...]

Negative feedback – how to handle bad online reviews

online review

As online shopping has risen to phenomenal levels, so too have shopping-related activities on the[...]

Influencing customers – how online reviews have changed the rules

neoteric review

For a marketer it’s the stuff of nightmares, a new review website or app is undercutting years of[...]

Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for an online review

online reviews

It may seem a bit pushy, give the impression you’re over-confident even, but there’s a great[...]

The Google Spam Penalities


Google’s Search Quality Team recently stated that sites that continually try to cheat the system[...]

The Power of Online Reviews and How They Can Benefit You

neoteric review

Online reviews have translated the potency of word-of-mouth into the online sphere, and[...]

The new Google Penguin is arriving soon

google penguin

There was exciting news about the upcoming update of Google Penguin at the recent SMX East in New[...]

The Power of LinkedIn

Linkedin (Small)

The power of social media in establishing and expanding your personal brand has never been greater,[...]

WordPress – What you need to know about SEO

SEO for WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used Customer Management System (CMS) in the world. With its ease of[...]

Tips for Email Marketing

Email Marketing

If you’re looking to take your marketing to the next level, your business will need an email[...]

The potential ramifications of Facebook’s Dislike button

facebook dislike button

Let’s say you’ve come across a post on Facebook you don’t particularly like. Or[...]

Internet Marketing Strategies for your Video campaign

Internet Marketing Strategies for Video

You’ve meticulously edited a video and then uploaded it to your YouTube channel –[...]

Remembering to Review and Set Targets


There are a lot of different factors for an expanding company to consider. A small business can[...]

Online Reviews are as important as Word of Mouth

online reviews

There can be no question that online customer reviews are here to stay. Across the board they can[...]

How Trustworthy are Online Reviews

online review

User reviews are everywhere these days and they have become a standard part of consumer life. Going[...]

Customer Reviews are your Friend

neotericuk review

Customer reviews have quickly become a way of life for companies with an online presence. Studies[...]

SMBs Experience a Growth in Mobile Traffic after ‘Mobilegeddon’


Several months have now passed since Google rolled out their mobile friendly update which was aptly[...]

Google rolls out a new Panda update

Panda update 2015

Since mid-July Google has been rolling out its Panda 4.2 update. Google’s original Panda update[...]

The best WordPress plugins for businesses in 2015

The best WordPress Plugins for Businesses in 2015

WordPress is now responsible for hosting 60 million websites, and many SME’s rely on the[...]

How to use Digital Marketing Services in 2015

Digital Marketing services

The range of digital marketing services available in 2015 are incredibly powerful. Ideally, you[...]

Should you set-up a Google Plus page?

Add authority to your site by opening a Google plus page.

Have you considered opening a Google Plus page for your business? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,[...]

Benefits of Social Media

Take advantage of Social Media

Here, we’ll be exploring the many benefits of social media. It’s well established that[...]

How to improve your Mobile Marketing Strategy

mobile ads

In this post, we’ll delve into the facets of a powerful Mobile Marketing Strategy. Not too long[...]

Why Webmaster tools is so important for SEO


Webmaster tools is a free service by Google, which allows you to monitor and troubleshoot the site[...]

Why you need to watch out for Mobile Marketing

mobile advertising

The landscape of mobile marketing is changing, and mobile devices are fundamentally transforming[...]

Buy Now buttons to hit Google

buy now

Last weekend, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google will be launching a new ad model –the[...]

6 Digital marketing trends worth watching out for

digital marketing trend

The dynamic nature of the digital marketing world is clear for all of us to see. Every month,[...]

3 tips on building an effective digital marketing strategy for your small business

digital marketing

Building an effective digital marketing and e-commerce strategy for your business requires a clear[...]

Discover how you can improve your business with the Neoteric UK workshop

neotericuk workshop

On 13th and 14th May 2015, Neoteric UK will be attending ‘The Business Show’ at the Excel,[...]

Google to Update Its Algorithm to Deal With “Doorway Pages”

doorway pages

At the end of March 2015, Google announced its intention to implement a “doorway page” update[...]

Are You Ready For ‘Mobilegeddon’?

mobile geddon

On 21st April 2015, Google will officially be rolling out its long anticipated mobile update. This[...]

Pinterest is becoming heavy competition with new “Buy Now” button and other features


In the past, Pinterest has been used as a virtual idea board where users can pin new recipes,[...]

Could Apple Pay be coming to the UK?

i phone

Released in the US in October, Apple Pay has become rapidly successful in a very short period of[...]

6 Essential SEO Tips

seo ideas

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a necessity for every company that has a presence online.[...]

Quick Guide on Social Media Image Dimensions for 2015

quick guide

Below, you will find our guide forbest practices in social media infographic creation for 2015.[...]

How PR Agencies’ Skill Sets Are Changing


In an ever evolving media landscape, it makes sense that the skills needed by people in PR have to[...]

How a Branding Agency Can Assist You With 3 Brand Components


Branding is what connects a company to a customer. It is also important to establish what a company[...]

Businesses Cannot Afford to Dismiss Going Mobile


According to a recently published report by Morgan Stanley analysing the trends of the internet,[...]

Making the Most Out of Optimisation

seo optimization

SEO is a firmly established marketing practice. It’s been around for at least twenty years now,[...]

Bloggers Might Be Joining the Dole Queue If Native Advertising Lives Up To Expectations – Uh Oh


As a blogger, this isn’t the best news in the world, and hopefully it’s more hype than[...]

What makes a great logo?


It was once said that all great logos can be drawn with one finger on a sandy beach but have you[...]

Get Your Blog Working for You


Most of us aren’t writing blogs for the fun of it. No, we’re trying to engage people in the[...]

Content Is King: But Only If It’s the Right Type of Content

content king

If you know anything about SEO, it should be that ‘content is king’. Google will a website[...]

How to Analyse Your SEO Campaign


Google offers a plethora of analytic tools for you SEO campaigns. They’re doing this for a[...]

SEO: Debunking the Myths

seo myth

SEO is something that I’ve been doing for at least a decade now. It started as something I did[...]

Voice Search? Does Anyone Actually Use It?

voice search

If you’re aged between 15 and 25, you already know that plenty of us use voice search to browse[...]

Responsive Web Design In 2015

responsive design

The year 2015 will be another milestone in the history of the World Wide Web. The web is just 30[...]

Google Analytics: New Tools Improve Tag Manager’s Project Performance


Google Analytics recent release of various updated and new analytical tools has so far been met[...]

Simple Techniques that Improve Social Commerce


We’re just hitting the hardest time of the year for retailers. Christmas and New Year have[...]

404 Page Not Found Ideas for Your Website

404 page

There’s only really one website that I know that does great 404 pages, and I’m not allowed to[...]

SEO Agencies: How Do You Know If You’re Onto a Winner?


Everyone’s an expert in SEO nowadays…at least that’s what they say. The reality is that[...]

PPC and SEO are Inseparable

seo ppc

Things come better in pairs and SEO and PPC are no exception. Although SEO and PPC are two[...]

Finding Your Voice With Google


Speaking a search query on smartphones is not a new phenomenon. However, there has not been much[...]

Video marketing campaigns for technology brands

video marketing

You may think, as a company specializing in cloud computing, web development or SEO, that video[...]

You can now “undo” changes in Google AdWords


On November 26th, Google delivered an early Christmas miracle. Heather Cooan, director of client[...]

Why User Engagement is the Future of SEO

user engagement

In the early days of search engine marketing, ranking was simple. All a website needed was the[...]

The benefits of Responsive Web design

responsive design

Mobile devices are gradually taking over the online market. Since early 2012, responsive web design[...]

Promoting your Mobile Application

Mobile Application (2)

Mobile applications have recently become a new part of the internet’s economy. There are now over[...]

Mobiles are the ultimate shopping assistant

Mobiles are the ultimate shopping assistant

Between 2010 and 2013, store visits dropped by fifty-five percent. Retail sales grew by thirteen[...]

Gaining influence in your market

Gaining Influencer

Marketing your brand in the most effective way – is paramount. Especially if you want to[...]

The Content and Link Development Toolbox


If you’re looking for ways to create good content and links, you’ll need the right set of tools[...]

Twitter Changes…Tweets Based on Interests, Direct Messaging & New Search Feature


Recent news from Twitter was announced last week referring to user’s feeds. Firstly, instead of[...]

Encouraging user engagement with unique 404 pages

404 Pages

Stumbling on a 404 error page isn’t ideal. Imagine how irritating it is for us, when we’re[...]

Have you passed the Google icon Test?


When it comes to design, mobile phones have evolved rapidly over time and these devices have become[...]

How to Achieve a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

online marketing strategy

Adopting a new approach to content marketing can change the effectiveness of your marketing[...]

Growing your Blog with Pinterest

neoteric pinterest growing blog

Blogs have become abundant on the internet. So much so, that marketing yours in a way that allows[...]

6 tips to save your website from the latest Google update

google update

The Google Penguin update has stumped many web professionals. As a web developer or marketing[...]

The Visual Web is the Future of Digital Marketing

digital marketing

When the Internet was born, we relied on dialup connections, and downloading a picture was[...]

Why do urls submitted and urls indexed differ in Google Webmaster?

google webmaster tool

A lot of SEO folks inquire about why there is so much difference in the figures of URLs submitted[...]

Mobile apps – Indispensable for online retail marketing


The mobile sector is one of the fastest growing markets, with more than 50% of users using the[...]

Five Steps to Improved Social Media Security


In 2013, not a single month went by without news of a big brand’s social media disaster. From[...]

Building a winning app for iOS


If you visit the Apple App Store,you will see innumerable apps with a variety of functions, with[...]

What makes Google Alerts invaluable?


One of the best free tools of Google is undoubtedly its ‘Google Alerts’ tool. It has been[...]

Simple Auto-Playing Slideshow – HTML, CSS


HTML Wrapper with div’s as the “slides”, which can contain any content. <div[...]

Doing Social Media Right in 2014


Social media has been a go-to tool for digital marketers ever since Facebook exploded onto the[...]

Facebook to Ban ‘Like-Gating’


Facebook recently revealed that as of 5th November 2014 the use of like-gating competitions will no[...]

Twitter Is Launching Ecommmerce Buy Buttons within Tweets

tweet button

Twitter is growing more day by day. Twitter just announced ecommerce feature in tweets by adding[...]

What is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)?


What is CRO? CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) is simply the process of finding out why people are[...]

How Not Knowing Google Apps Facts Makes You a Rookie [Infographic]


  Anyone who uses the Internet or has ever used a computer will be familiar with Google. It is[...]

What you need to know about Google Panda and How to dodge the bear hug


The Panda algorithmic update was released by Google in February 2011. The purpose of the update was[...]

How Can you Use Twitter as a Business?


Along with Facebook, Twitter is another of the Social Media Kings. 645 Million people in the world[...]

What is video SEO?

video seo

What is video SEO? Videos are an increasingly popular way to increase your search engine rankings[...]

How can I get businesses to advertise on my website?

PPC adwords

Sponsored advertising is a great way that business can use generate more web traffic and[...]

Anatomy of a Press Release. Body and Soul

Press release

Press releases have long been an essential part of any decent off page SEO strategy. The were very[...]

What is Google Webmaster Tools and do I need to get involved with it if I’m not a webmaster?


We all know that Google offers phenomenal free apps that can be very helpful for business and[...]

Instagram for a more personalised marketing


Online marketers and advertisers are increasingly using social networking sites for business[...]

Blinded by Stars in a world of endless Online Reviews

5 star review

In today’s online society, product reviews are becoming increasing popular, with countless of[...]

Flat Shadow Tutorial


Today I will show you how to turn your icons into beautifully shape flat icons with shadow. For[...]

The basic SEO tools that you must have (most of which you’ll surely be able to afford)

seo tools

At Neoteric we have a real artillery of SEO tools that help us have the most comprehensive insights[...]

The Art of Buttons in Web Design

art button in web design

A web button is a concept in web design that consists of text and/or an image that clearly[...]

What is blog marketing?

blog marketing

What is blog marketing? Blog marketing is a way of promoting your business and interacting with[...]

Top tips to maximise your PPC campaign


SEO and PPC are the 21st century buzzwords for business marketing campaigns, and can generate[...]

Are you losing mobile traffic to simple errors?


Meta-description: 68% of smartphone traffic is lost because of implementation errors. Find out how[...]

The World Cup through the eyes of Social Media


Here’s a fascinating fact from Twitter: There were more tweets about the 2014 World Cup, before[...]

Google Panda 4 Instructions – Blocking CSS and Javascript


It has been reported that some sites are experiencing issues with how Google’s Panda 4.0[...]

What is email marketing?

email marketing

What is email marketing? Email marketing is a direct and simple way of reaching your customer base.[...]

How to achieve local search success


Many local businesses simply don’t know what to do when it comes to local marketing choices.[...]

Google Adwords Introducing Video Advertising advanced certification

Google Video Certification

This Morning, Got an email from Google Partners team that they are starting Video advertisement[...]

Getting your business to succeed on “My Google”

google my business platform

Recently, Google started introducing the new Google My Business platform. Why is this good news?[...]

5 small things that will make a difference to your SEO Today

search engine optimization

SEO is a highly complex thing and there are many things you can do. Many business people do not[...]

Will Iphone Apps Ever Rule the World?


The world of mobile telephony and the Internet has been revolutionised with the introduction of[...]

7 Tips for effective email marketing


Email marketing is one of the most effective tools for reaching your potential customers and[...]

What is PPC? and PPC FAQs


What is Pay Per Click?  Pay per Click is a powerful advertising tool that allows you to bid on[...]

Why your website content matters more than ever

website content

Traditionally, you had a website and that was enough. People might find you and it was like the[...]

Neoteric UK – What is SEO?

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is refining your website to make it an authority in your[...]

Neoteric UK – What is Digital Marketing?

“Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic[...]

A frequent doubt that business people still have: Is Facebook for Business?

facebook ads

In one word…Yes. Many marketers are dissatisfied with Facebook because only a comparatively[...]

Yes you Can Plan, a Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing

Content, content, content. I am sure that as long as you have a website, and you have heard about[...]

What Everyone Is Saying About Social Media Tips


With rapid growth in the influence of social media in the B2B industry, there is a prodigious[...]

Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Emails


If you are running a small business and want higher returns on investment, one of the most[...]

What the World Would Be Like If Digital Marketing Strategies Didn’t Exist?


The very thought of existing in a world devoid of digital marketing strategies is unthinkable, in a[...]

How to build an empire with social media stats


Here are some interesting facts of social media stats that will help you and your business to grow[...]

How Did Facebook Become the Best?


Social networking sites have mushroomed up all over the Internet with Facebook, Twitter and[...]

Why Do People Think Buying Google Glass is a Good Idea?


The future is right here with Google’s introduction of its famed Google Glass, where fantasy and[...]

Youtube 9 Years Old Now, Do you know first video of Youtube


YouTube, the world’s largest video sharing website celebrated its ninth birthday on April[...]

10 Reasons you should be talking about mobile marketing


Mobile Marketing 2014 With the spurt in mobile usage especially in the use of Android[...]

The Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet on Word Science [Info-Graphics]

social sharing word science

It is interesting to know that creating shareable post or content is a scientific process and[...]

Why Your Google Knowledge Graph Never Works Out the Way You Plan

Graph, knowledge graph

With the proliferation of social media and the unending demand for information, the Internet has[...]

A Heartbleed – which caused panic!! OpenSSL CVE-2014-0160


A very critical bug in openSSL was discovered this week. The bug exists in the heartbeat extension[...]

Background parallax scrolling, is it beneficial for SEO or not?

parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling The jury is still out when it comes to deciding to use Parallax scrolling in a[...]

Google’s CRS Program in Adwords – A game changer

Google’s CRS Program

Google has recently launched its CRS Program (Consumer Ratings Annotations) in Adwords, which lays[...]

17 Facts about Social Media That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End! [Info-Graphics]


1) The fastest growing group of new users on Twitter are aged between 55 and 64 years old. 2)[...]

The Only Free Sitemap Resources You Will Ever Need

Yahoo sitemap generator

Sitemap Generator to make XML sitemaps for Google Bing and optimize your website online[...]

How to find right digital marketing agency?

digital marketing company

If you run an online business then the Internet is one of the most important tools to run a[...]

Google Plus: the new best mate for entrepreneurs

social networking activity

For all business entrepreneurs out there, a new found mate is Google Plus for the simple reason it[...]

Building the right E-Commerce website to attract prospective clients

ecommerce software

Nothing appeals more to customers than a well-designed website and this is even more important if[...]

6 Google Search Changes, You should be aware for better rankings


As all we know, Google is continued in testing new features almost 1 per day.Google classified[...]

Google Launches AdSense Direct, direct competition with iSocket, BuySellAds

google news

Today, Google launched a new feature for publishers getting started with their first directly sold[...]

Google revealed 2013 “top 10 search trends by top 10 countries”

top 10 search trends

Google revealed 2013 top 10 search trends by top 10 countries   This info-graphic is sharing[...]

Don’t Change your already ranked URL’s otherwise you have to pay for it

site URL structure

Before starting the new year 2014, Google John Muller responded to a question in the Google[...]

Google Penalized another link scheme name “Rap Genius”

google news

Google has again done something to penalized link scheme networks before 2013 end and the name of[...]

Switching to Universal Analytics: When To Say Goodbye To Google

Google Analytics

Search engine giants Google announced in October 2012 that the next version of their powerful[...]

SEO and PPC as a core part of your digital marketing strategy


Whether you are a brand new businesses edging your way into the world of digital marketing or an[...]

Top Tips To Finding Great Guest Blogging Opportunities

blog promotion

Bloggers across the globe are now successfully using this powerful platform to market their[...]

Is M-Commerce the way forward for 2014?

marketing strategies

Businesses across the globe are constantly developing new marketing strategies to keep their brand[...]

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

Digital Marketing Trends 2014

If there is one industry that has seen dramatic growth despite the recent recession is has to[...]

Google Toolbar PageRank Has Been Updated ( After ages)

Google Toolbar

Matt cutts gives a good news to all the SEO and Webmaster community before the start of Christmas[...]

Google webmaster adds smartphones and featured phone crawl error tabs

Google Webmaster errors

Google announced last night a new feature within Google Webmaster Tools specific for tracking[...]

Apple buys Topsy labs, A social media analytics firm

social media analytics firm

Apple has purchased Topsy, a search engine and analytics firm for tweets that’s been one of[...]

Embed Your Customized “Google Maps” into your website or Blogs

google news

Google has finally made it possible to embed its new Maps offering now. The Maps redesign took[...]

Bing it On: Bing takes on Google by offering more with connected pages Feature

bing news

In these days, Bing is going to take on Google in terms of search term data, which is restricted by[...]

Earn Money and Respect by Unleashing Google Helpouts to Your Benefit

Google Wallet

Where do you look if you want to learn something online? You can use social networks as a digital[...]

The growing m-Commerce trend

m commerce

Mobile commerce, or m-Commerce, is all about making purchases from your internet enabled mobile[...]

Adwords in a new Avtar in Europe, Middle East, Africa

google adwords

On November 8th, 2013, Google has announced some new policies for the folks in Europe, Middle East,[...]

Google+ Snippet : God father of new SEO trends


The Google+ Snippet is made from the image, the title and the description, more descriptive and[...]

Now for better rankings in Google, Focus on Image SEO

image search

Search by image allows you to do a reverse image search and discover all sorts of content[...]

“Index your apps in search engines” app indexing announced by Google

search engine news

In an interesting move, Google has announced that it plans to start deep-indexing Android[...]

Now check Page Speed Report in Google analytics

google news

Google loves fast websites, and for a long time now, its PageSpeed Insights tool has been an easy[...]

Vital Ranking Factor in Google: Website Page Speed

page speed optimisation

  Google loves fast websites, and for a long time now, its PageSpeed Insights tool has been an[...]

Competition is good, but not against your own website

social media strategies

You know what is cannibalization, don’t you? But what is web traffic cannibalization? I bet half[...]

Schema – The Next Big Thing in SEO


What is Schema.org - in layman’s terms, schema is a markup validation of listings on the SERP[...]

Grab Your Vanity URLs of G+ Profile


After a trail of updates in the recent past, Google has come up with yet another, though a much[...]

Google Adwords Scripts – Your Best PPC Assistant!

google adwords

Adwords Scripts are a great way to get automated access to even complex adwords data in a few short[...]

How to handle Suspended Google Adword Account

google adwords

For those who bank on Google Adwords to keep their cash registers ringing, suspension of Adword[...]

Google+ Ripples – The Quickest Way to go Viral on G+

Google+ Ripples

As Google+ evolves itself as a major Social media channel on Internet, It is exploring new features[...]

Guest Blogs – Do they really work? How to successfully guest blog

guest blogging

When you start a blog, it might be for personal or business use. After some time, you may wish to[...]

Here is another confirmed update by Google today- Penguin 2.1

google update

Google itself is calling it Penguin 2.1 as it is using an enhanced version of ‘Penguin 2’. The[...]

Why Windows versus Linux for Web Page Hosting

Web Page Hosting

One of the first things to consider when looking for a Web page hosting provider is what operating[...]

Are you worried about how to Drive LinkedIn traffic to your website

social media marketing

When talking about generating traffic from Social Media, it’s easy to overlook LinkedIn when[...]

A Closer Look at: Google Maps Android API

Google Maps

Using Google Maps in your Android app enhances user experience and provides them with information[...]

A Guide on Using Google Display Planner to Enhance the Success of your Campaigns

Google Display Planner

google display planner-neotericuk The Google Display Planner is a powerful tool designed to help[...]

Conducting SEO: Top Tips and Tools for Mobile SEO Analysis

SEO tips

There are many free tools on the internet that offer SEO support for those who would like to carry[...]

10 Tips to Boost Saleability of products on your Ecommerce Website

ecommerce marketing

In this information age it is getting increasingly easy sell your product online via ecommerce[...]

404 Errors – The Hard and Soft of it

404 errors

404 Errors on a business website undermine user experience and is problematic for SEO purposes. [...]

Google Tag Manager – A Simple Guide For Users

google tag manager

Google Tag Manager is a key tool for businesses that operate online and many businesses use it as a[...]

Google Authorship – is it affecting our site rankings?

Google Authorship is a buzz word for SEO experts at the moment, but many people believe it has not[...]

How to Repair Your Web SEO Strategy

SEO tips

Google and other search engines use a variety of algorithms to determine rankings, learning how to[...]

New SEO Trend: Open Graph Protocol

Open Graph Protocol

Open Graph Protocol is a set of rules that you can include in the coding of your website, which[...]

QR Codes: a closer look

quick response code

A QR code, or a ‘quick response code’, is like a barcode except it is two dimensional and to[...]

What is Web 3.0 ?

web 3.0

To begin to understand what Web 3.0 might look like, we first need to consider what Web 2.0 gave to[...]

10 Image Optimization Tips to Help Your Website Rank Highly

Image Optimization Tips How you display product images on your online business website plays a[...]

A few Google Remarketing Ads and some beneficial tips

Web design

Dynamic Google remarketing is about personalising online ads based on past actions of your[...]

A closer look at Google Analytics: Not Provided vs Not Set Data

Google Analytics

Finding a professional marketing agency to analyse web traffic for businesses and enterprises have[...]

5 Great (and free) Cloud Storage Providers

Microsoft Skydrive

With cloud storage becoming a hugely popular mechanism for storing data files, there are now[...]

How to Develop a Mobile App [ INFO-GRAPHIC ]

Mobile apps

Info-graphic-Mobileapp In an effort to pay homage to the lead generation efforts from[...]

A few important steps to getting your website indexed on Google

website promotion

It is really important that when you create a new website, you get it indexed. Not doing so can be[...]

A few great features of iOS 7


If you are the owner of an Apple gadget (iphone, ipod or ipad), you may already be aware of iOS 7,[...]

Domain Redirects and impact of 307 redirect on SEO

Domain Redirects

What are domain redirects and why do they matter?  Redirects exist because of the common need to[...]

How to get maximum sales through ecommerce design

ecommerce design

Ecommerce Web Design Concept Are you in the predicament of having lots of traffic to your website[...]

Market trends in 2013 which your business should be aware of

Market trends 2013

Digital Marketing Trends in 2013 When you are running a business, it is important to stay ahead[...]

Developing a mobile version of your website

mobile website

When it comes to being accessible as a business to as many clients as possible, developing a mobile[...]

The importance and priority you should assign to brand awareness

brand visibility

Brand awareness is a term that is often used in business but is rarely clearly thought about in[...]

Better Selection of Keywords with Google Trends

search trending keywords

Google Trends – a name we heard many times but never thought to use it as we were sticky to[...]

Why is Facebook so important to business?

Facebook marketing

There are many reasons why Facebook is being used to help businesses develop marketing strategies[...]

What is the fuss about viral marketing?

viral marketing

Viral marketing is a marketing technique that encourages web users to pass on a particular message[...]

Involvement of users in Social Networks – Figures Booming Year by Year


Social media sites are getting a boom day by day – Twitter is ranked on 3rd after Facebook[...]

Ways to Improve High Bounce Rate

bounce rate optimisation

Everyone works hard for their websites but you get worried if no one is reading your content or[...]

An Introduction to Instagram – The Addition in Social Media


Earlier Facebook and Twitter were very popular on desktops, slowly and slowly their mobiles apps[...]

Multiple Digital Marketing Trends and Aspects to follow

web trends

A well established company believes in accepting digital marketing trends in the process of best[...]

The Marketing Trends Being Followed to Beat the Competition

marketing trends

These are the 6 most trusted marketing trends adopted for the best product promotion ever. They[...]

Web design trends to watch out for this year

web design updates

This year, web design has taken a drastic turn and more features and web design trends are[...]

Why responsive web design is so important in 2013

web design 2013

Responsive web design is all about creating a website that is both functional and gives users the[...]

The future of smart phone apps

smart phone apps

It is expected that apps will have a considerable impact on the way we access the Internet and[...]

How to sell anything using social media

social media selling products

Social media has become a massive part of the Internet and how we connect with the virtual world.[...]

How design plays a part in your marketing efforts

web design trends

Design is a crucial area of your business that plays a vital role in marketing. Design links to[...]

Building your Brand with Content Marketing

content marketing

Content marketing is a term used to describe the creation of content for marketing purposes. You[...]

Back to the Future: A snapshot of digital marketing agencies in 2014

digital marketing campaign

According to recent statistics, 60% of people in the marketing industry said that they expected to[...]

The Rise of Online Entrepreneurs

Magento development

Making yourself successful online is now something more people are able to achieve, due to the[...]

Four Ecommerce applications that you should consider if you are setting up your business online

Ecommerce applications

Knowing that you need to start selling items from your business online is the easy decision. The[...]

Operating a business online: an easy way to help your company succeed

business online

As a start-up or growing business, you are probably very familiar with how important it is to show[...]

Online Branding: Proving and establishing yourself to your online audience

Online Branding

Most businesses know the importance of branding. Establishing a brand helps you to create an[...]

Optimising your Business IT Services

IT Services

Running a business in these modern times has meant that we start to rely heavily on IT. We now[...]

Creating effective information graphics as part of your digital marketing campaign

Information graphics

Information graphics are visual representations of information. Many companies use information[...]

Mobile app for your store on Iphone and Android

mobile phone apps

The Android operating system platform for mobile phone is all the rage now-a-days. Having started[...]

User experience on websites is the key to your conversion rates

User experience

Did you know that 97% of websites fail to fulfill user experience requirements due to poor[...]

Poor Mobile Sites Will Be Demoted in Search Engine Results, Says Google

search engines

Creating a mobile site for your company webpage is becoming more of an importance, as many[...]

Facebook is the Nicest Podium to have a Bang on Target

Facebook marketing

Facebook is revolutionary and Facebook is the best interlinking platform these days. This one[...]

How to make your brand video go viral

viral video campaign

Success of a business or a brand depends on public awareness about it. You as the owner of a[...]

Few Essentials to make an ecommerce business successful

ecommerce business

The secret of keeping the business on profit mode forever lies in cutting costs. In business,[...]

How the Contemporary Ecommerce Trends Rule Your Life Presently

SEO marketing

With the entire world going digital and technological advancements taking a front seat in every[...]

Why Magento is the Leading Ecommerce Platform?

Magento website

Lately, commerce has emerged as the most hot a happening part of the business world. With more and[...]

Why SEO campaigns are Indispensable?

SEO tips

For a business to run successfully, higher conversion is what you need in the first place. No[...]

An Apposite LinkedIn Profile Enables You Gain a Standard Business Status

You are mostly in need of a LinkedIn profile mainly when looking for a new job. This is a sort of[...]

Enrich Your Life with Top Notch Mobile Apps

With technological advancements touching almost every sphere of modern day life, the mobile phones[...]

Multichannel, cross-channel, omni-channel – new words for old ideas!

Those who are already associated with the term “marketing” must know how old the concept is.[...]

A Justified Comparison between Ecommerce and Mcommerce- The Revelation

With the internet boom, the concept of shopping has experienced a massive change. Technology has[...]

Expand Your Business with the Ever Increasing Scope of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a segment of advertising done through digital mediums of interactions and[...]

Shopping Experience Now is More Enhanced with Ecommerce Sites

With the basic elements of retail marketing put on application, one can frame and design a[...]

Social media impact in 2013

Business through internet is the success mantra in recent times. But, the key to build up profits[...]

Multichannel Ecommerce: Revolutionising the Online Retail Market

In the next couple of years, we are going to hear a lot about multichannel ecommerce. It is the key[...]

Why Responsive Web Design Is Leading the Way

web design 2013

Responsive website design is the buzzword for web design in 2013. Responsive web design refers to[...]

Website Performance Enhancement – Easy Tips

Success of a website depends on the traffic it can generate. However, generating the traffic needs[...]

Social Media Activities – An inseparable Way to Optimize Your Website

One great option of optimizing the website is to take advantage of the social media. However, you[...]

Responsive Website Design – The New Face of Web Browsing

Mobile web browsing has no longer remained in its orb of being just an entertainment; rather it has[...]

Mobile Application Development – The Wonderland in Your Mobile

Going mobile is now literally possible thanks to the wide range of mobile applications available[...]

Authorship in Google Search Results

In June 2007, Google started authorship markup to connect authors with their content on the web.[...]

Microsoft Advertising AdCenter Renamed to Bing Ads – Under YahooBingNetwork

A Microsoft blog post make an announcement to changing name of Microsoft Advertising to the Yahoo[...]

Top Payment Gateways for Websites

Ecommerce sites are growing day by day, also all of us love to shop online but before shopping[...]

How to Make your FaceBook Network Better?

Today FaceBook is the largest used social network. It’s useful for both the personal and[...]

Duplicate Content and It’s Prevention

Everyone loves unique content, even search engines also. So if you own a website is you sure it had[...]

Google Warns Webmasters: Link Selling is PageRank Penalty

Google search spam head Matt Cutts recently publish a post on his blog “Why did our PageRank go[...]

Connecting Business with Social Media

Today social media is the best way to connect with other people and promoting your business among[...]

Free Photoshop Fur Brushes Collection for Designers

Every designer makes it own collection of tools. Below are some free Photoshop brushes collections[...]

Google Panda 3.9.1 Refresh Confirmed – August 20th

A Google tweet confirmed Google Panda 3.9.1 update on 20 August. Less than 1% of the search queries[...]

Wireframing and Prototyping Free Tools

Website wireframing or page schematic is a visual guide that appears as groundwork of a website and[...]

Google Webmaster Tools Added Search Queries Alerts

After alerts for crawl errors, Google introduced the feature of search queries alerts in Google[...]

Domain verification by CNAME in Google Webmaster

To check your GWT features website verification is necessary. Till now Google had following[...]

A Marketing Strategy For Online Sales

In the dark ages before the internet, any business idea had to be supported with a business plan[...]

Presenting A Successful Ecommerce Site

The principles of a owning a successful Ecommerce site selling goods that people want in perfect[...]

Tips For Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce is a very new concept when compared with the thousands of years of conventional retail[...]


A one man newly formed internet business needs to have a high quality standalone Ecommerce system[...]

Maintaining a secure CMS website!

When it comes to content management systems or CMS backed websites, security is of prime concern[...]

Joomla, Word Press and Drupal delineated

There has been a noticeable similarity with regard to three of the most popular systems, i.e.[...]

Marketing Through Social Media For Nonprofit Businesses

Clubs, schools, local amenities and charities all have a duty to market themselves at a minimum[...]

Closing The Sale In Internet Marketing

A good salesman will look at internet marketing in much the same way as the car salesman will in[...]

B2B And Social Media Marketing

Using social media networks is fast becoming one of the best ways of marketing goods and this[...]

Successful Internet Marketing

For a successful strategic marketing of any product via a website the advantages are easy to argue[...]

Ecommerce Is Moderdanise With Mcommerce

For thousands of years shopping was a simple concept; if you wanted a loaf of bread you would walk[...]

Cre – Loaded And Open Source Ecommerce

CRE stands for Chain Reaction Ecommerce and provides a three level software package designed for[...]

Various Open Source Ecommerce Solutions

Some of the most used and trusted open source Ecommerce software appearing in multi-editions to[...]


So you have a product to sell and have decided to use the concept of Ecommerce instead of a[...]

Adopt surefire strategy and approach to generate interest and get benefited!

Do you own an online store or a website? If yes, then you must know the traits of Ecommerce[...]

Endorse, develop and build your business by this dynamic web strategy!

With the advent of new technologies and information revolution things are changing and how? For the[...]

A productive avenue in job searching process beyond doubt!

Networking plays an important role in job searching. If you really enjoy Social networking then you[...]

The Use of Improved and Advanced HTML5

Web developers from all around the globe find the basic HTML reasonably convenient. Not because[...]

Backgrounds Get a New Life with CSS3

The latest in the CSS series is CSS3 which has come out as a revolution in website designing. It[...]

The Advantages of the HTML5 Advance features

People these days prefer their websites to be highly interactive and interesting. Nobody likes to[...]

Mobile, more than just a phone

Mobiles these days are all about features. Earlier it was not the case but after the launch of[...]

Shrinking planet and Social Media

Our world is shrinking every day. The boundaries that could stop us from communicating with each[...]

Role of iPhone, android applications in our today’s life

The world has become a small virtual ball where there is no hurdle of distance and time. All thanks[...]

What’s on your eCommerce to do list?

A lot of us start our new year’s, armed with a resolution list. Revamping your website should be[...]

Focus On: Online Payment

If you want to set up an E commerce website, but are not sure about how to set up your payment side[...]

How can E commerce help your website?

Operating an ecommerce website also opens the gateway to exponential sales. In Britain itself,[...]

3 Points of New Google Shopping

Google has just announced that it is set to transition Google Product Search away from being listed[...]

Why content is important for your E-commerce site

The most successful e-commerce sites induce people not only to return back to the site but rather[...]

The importance of HTTPS

If you look to run a web store or an E-commerce site, then you should be conscious of what HTTPS[...]

Clip and position background images using CSS3

An image can be added to a background with the help of the former versions like css1 and css2. That[...]

Testing web page designs

You must take web page design testing seriously. You can document your test results at least to a[...]

How to keep your social shares despite a site migration

One of the best things about social migrations is that you realise that your social share count[...]

An essential localized marketing strategy for national brands

An alarming 90 % of consumers use search engines when they are looking to research a product or[...]

What Every Web Designer Needs

In a world dominated by digital and electronic media, every business needs a website. This need[...]

Facebook Gives Groupon and Living Social A Run For Their Money

Well, not quite. But they’re almost there. With the working title “coupons”, beta-testing for[...]

The new algorithm change from Google

Google has launched more than 50 more changes to its algorithm in the present month, it has[...]

Back track your links with Google Analytics

Ranking and tracking your social reports now gets easier! In a new advancement, Google Analytics[...]

The changing aspects of SEO

The days when incorporating strong and trendy keywords in contents used to be the prime SEO[...]

How to protect website from effects of negative SEO tactics

When competitors fail to put up a genuine and ethical fight with you, they opt for ‘below the[...]

Pin images to evoke people’s interest early

Since images attract people more and faster than texts, it is good for business enterprises to use[...]

Threats of social media to SMBs

Since social Media provide great scopes for communicating and interacting, smalls and medium[...]

Attention! The New Penguin Update by Google is at Work

When we think of a penguin, what comes to mind is the intelligent Arctic bird which is loved[...]

How to design an effective website

Designing a website is not a very difficult task, if you know how to make it effective. No matter[...]

Qualities that your ecommerce website must have

Thanks to the growing numbers of ecommerce websites, it has become more challenging for sites to[...]

How to make your website design effective

Since business owners design websites to improve their revenue earnings through internet sales, it[...]

Why websites should be designed keeping user’s goals in mind

To make a website successful in attracting viewers, one needs to focus on several factors while[...]

5 master moves to make your ecommerce site successful

A well-designed ecommerce website is the most effective tool for selling products for a business.[...]

Mistakes that an ecommerce website always avoid

Since internet has proved itself as the most effective mode of business, enterprises are relying[...]

How to get an ecommerce design fast and at fair price

While developing an ecommerce site for your business, focus on the designing part. Success of an[...]

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Google launching its first Android

There is going to launch a First Phone built on Google’s Android platform. It will be launched[...]

Quick SEO guide

Once you make your website, optimizing it to suit the needs of the search engine is very important.[...]

Tips for Choosing an SEO Company

A good SEO must review your product/service before he makes recommendations for your website.[...]

Let your website design speak for you

Communicating with your users should be the prime motive of your website. Website Design plays an[...]

Mistakes to avoid in blog

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SEO For Small Business

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Birth of new search engine-Cuil

Launch of the new search engine,new internet search engine designed by ex- google employee,the[...]

Making the first ‘first impression’ – Designing a good website

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White Hat SEO

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Flash & SEO – unhealthy mix

Traditional method of creating websites using proven & tested HTML / CSS stands even today a[...]

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Building a website that looks great is not just enough, it is necessary to construct a website[...]

Website Design – Do it perfectly

Almost everyone these days can do you a website design and better, even claim that they are best[...]


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