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11 Nov
Adwords in a new Avtar in Europe, Middle East, Africa

On November 8th, 2013, Google has announced some new policies for the folks in Europe, Middle East, Africa. The changes are part of Google’s efforts to update AdWords T&C globally, in part, to reflect the impact of new capabilities.

After lots of account suspended by Google ad-words in the period of September- October, 2013.

Mark Martel writes in the announcement that the new set of changes the T&C “accommodate new advertising products and services.

The major change is that “we now offer third-party ad serving in some situations, so you’ll see provisions about how we resolve ad serving disputes”.

Here is a list of some locations and countries where Google Adowrds change can be found, also with that there some countries which are translated to Google Asia pacific region.

Google adwords policies changes- Neotericuk ( Digital Marketing Firm)

Google adwords policies changes

If you want to see the latest changes in Google Adowrds policies then Click here

There is last point but not the least “Advertisers will have 45 days to accept the new terms once the notification is rolled out in their accounts.”

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