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04 Sep
A few important steps to getting your website indexed on Google

It is really important that when you create a new website, you get it indexed. Not doing so can be detrimental to your website’s success – without it being indexed, it won’t show up in search results (and might as well not exist.)

We are focussing solely on Google because this is the main search engine people use when searching for something online – so being indexed on Google is going to be one of your main priorities.

Google Webmaster and Analytics- Neotericuk(Website Design Company UK)

Google Webmaster and Analytics

How indexing works

Indexing works when the search engine adds your website page into its folder of other pages in the same category. This is much in the same way as a book, where everything is categorised by its category or reference. The same applies for online indexing and it means that browsers can far easily locate what they need from a website quickly.

Here are some tips for ensuring your suite is indexed successfully:

Get a webmaster tools account: on Google, you can sign up for a Google Analytics account which allows you to obtain statistics and view your page’s individual figures on Google. This is an invaluable tool that allows you to access many different features. Using this, you can ask Google to “crawl” new pages. You can do this by navigating to the “Health” section of the site and clicking “Fetch.”

Get a Sitemap: By adding an XML sitemap, you can help the search robots to find pages easily.

Clean up your code: Make sure that the code on your site is neat and tidy. Make sure there is sufficient text to html content on your site too; it really makes a difference!

Test your site’s speed: A faster site is easier to index. Try to avoid uploading large pictures or graphics that would take too long to load. This is not only annoying to Google, but your browsers too!

Continuously update your site’s content: This is a tip you are likely to see in many “how to…” website success guides. By adding fresh content on a regular basis (i.e. blogs and news articles), your site will have added value and Google’s robots will rate it more highly.

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