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05 Oct
Tricks of the trade: 4 essential content marketing techniques

Wouldn’t it be terrific to convert a potential customer into not just a one-hit customer but a reliable one? Well, if you’re looking to do that – who wouldn’t be? – then content marketing’s your friend.

The art of persuading people that you – or the business you run – is capable, competent, reliable and either an industry leader or deserving of becoming one, content marketing uses blogging of unique, quality content relevant to customers’ needs and interests, while soft-selling what your business does. It turns a reader into a customer by informing them – and because it’s informing them with quality content it can help make them reliable customers for your company.

Having said that, it’s not just about writing an article, publishing it and promoting it on social media. To be effective, content marketing takes more than this in today’s competitive, ever more sophisticated marketplace. To that end, here are some techniques you might consider…


One of the biggest mistakes content marketers make is to forget to be storytellers. The fault here is overlooking how powerful telling a story is. We’re all hotwired to listen and take in stories – it’s a cultural norm and form of enjoyment every culture treasures. Thus, wittingly or not, practically every successful person in business is a decent storyteller; for that reason, surely you’d want to craft a compelling story – especially about your brand, what your company’s good at or why your business knows what it’s about? Be authentic and allow storytelling – one of the most important content marketing techniques – to cultivate trust in your content’s topic and build a relationship with your audience.

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One of the reasons why digital marketing’s grown to dominate is because of its flexibility and adaptability. It delivers results because there are so many tools out there to make your marketing initiatives that bit more effective than the next company’s. When it comes to content marketing then, WordPress is undeniably a great solid base, but beyond that why not use the likes of Quora to check out specific issues customers are experiencing to inspire you and Storify to convert what’s trending on social media into compelling content?

Be a sharer

As mentioned above, publishing content’s only the first step. To get ahead of the crowd and then stay on top, you ought to be employing additional techniques such as link-building in your content to drive up your brand’s ranking in Internet searches, as well as leveraging guest blogging on popular websites to boost your reader numbers. Plus, think about which social platforms best suit your audience – for instance, if you’re looking to attract under-30-year-olds, Instagram could be a big win-win.


Finally, writing, publishing, promoting and sharing your content is only actually only going to get you so far. Unless you analyse the results of your efforts, you’re never going to be able to iron out wrinkles or discover why you’re not pulling in the readers and converting the customers you ought to be. In short, you need to analyse metrics via free tools like Google analytics. And the metrics you need to focus on are the likes of visitors, referral traffic, social reach and link effectiveness.

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