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12 Oct
3 big ways analytics can improve your digital marketing

If your approach to online advertising – or marketing – is essentially the same as it would be for traditional advertising then, trust us, you’re doing it wrong. And you’re doubtless losing money.

Recently, US digital marketing company Disruptive Advertising made public the results of its research into more than 2,000 companies’ Google AdWords accounts – and they were revealing. To say a good number of those companies aren’t maximising their online marketing activities is putting it mildly. So what can they do to put that right? In a word: analytics. More specifically, here are three major ways that applying good, solid analytics approaches to online marketing can significantly improve a business’s bottom line – whether it’s a major corporation or an emerging SME…

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Don’t forget to check

Fundamentally, an online campaign isn’t like a traditional campaign because as soon as someone checks out one of your digital ads by clicking on it, they’re not just taking a close look at it as they would a print ad or a billboard, they’ve clicked through to your website – they’re basically in your ‘store’ already, which means they’re potentially ready to buy or, at least, be sold to.

For that reason, you need to be constantly checking your campaigns for click-throughs. According to Disruptive Advertising’s results, only 72% of the AdWords accounts had been checked in less than a month. That’s a big no-no.

But don’t just check – track

That said, it’s not just click-throughs you need to check, you need to properly track statistics on your WordAds account – specifically your ‘conversions’ and Return On Investment (ROI) data. The former will give you an impression of different types of – and the typical – customer journey (that is, how many people buy when they click-through on an ad), while the latter  will let you know how much money you’re actually making – or, for that matter, potentially losing – from your online ad campaign.

Good keywords are key

Through effective tracking of AdWords accounts, the aforementioned audit discovered the average account is wasting more than three-quarters (76%) of its budget on keywords and search terms that aren’t working. The lesson here then is to use campaign data tracking to cut out the waste – and refine and replace the keywords you’re relying on to attract Internet users to your site via search engine-based ads like AdWords. How do you do this? Well, this is where things get more complicated. However, a digital marketing agency like Neoteric UK, which knows its salt, has a reputation for success and you can rely on, can help you here enormously.

We can also aid you in fully optimising your ads so they don’t just take you through to the home page of your site every time – it’s about getting a landing page strategy in place, so specific ads will take browsers to the webs page that will most effectively result in a conversion. Indeed, research by Stanford University suggests that as much as 75% of online sales may be lost owing to an unsatisfactory initial experience for a user. Can you really afford your business to be one of those with such a disappointing conversion rate…?

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