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Ecommerce Software- NeotericUKWe should be good, if not the best, as we have been around for close to a decade and have helped launch more than 5,000 successful websites.

We have busy offices in central LONDON and PRESTON in the North West of England and if you have any doubts about the boom in online sales and the growth in everything to do with electronic marketing, otherwise known as Ecommerce , then ironically you should visit our Preston branch.

Preston was recently featured at length in the prestigious Wall Street Journal as an example of how swiftly high street retailers are failing as internet shopping continues to boom.

With more than a quarter of the shops in Preston sitting empty the various initiatives to spend vast amounts of money to revitalise the centre is just papering over the cracks.

NEOTERIC UK believes like many others that the only way is Ecommerce Software.

City centres are going to continue to change just as the car replaced the horse and cart. Any person with an entrepreneurial brain can see that launching a new product or idea has to be over the internet.

The way to start selling a product is no longer the dreary path of finding a back alley shop in need of paint and display cabinets. No longer crippling rental agreements, rates, electricity and staff.

The way to launch a business today is to knock on the door of NEOTERIC UK and with a fraction of the cost and hassle of setting up a high street shop:-

• Together we will design a fresh looking webpage

• Ensure it can be navigated with ease and is a pleasure to use

• Install state of the art order processing package

• Discuss and implement SEO and other promotional ideas

• Make the most of Social Media

• Utilise all the available statistics for brand trends, competition and future targets

• Work with you as one team

Look how one clever use of wireless media can have a viral effect meaning a million viewers in just minutes or hours around the world.

With respect to your shop in Preston, a million looking in at your shop window would take not minutes but years.


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Our clients say it best

  • Firstly many thanks to Neoteric UK for great website design and outstanding marketing/SEO service !! With 1000 of SEO /Web design companies available we needed the best one.<....
    - Testimonial by, Vinny

  • Even when Ministry of Fashion was just a great idea, I knew I had to find the right web development company to partner with. Making the wrong choice early on would have meant....
    - Testimonial by, Tanya Clarke

  • Before I started using Neoteric UK's SEO services, I was using Pay Per Click to try and win new sales online. Very quickly, I realised there had to be a better way to use....
    - Testimonial by, Neil Tagg

  • We hired Neoteric UK for the Website design/ development & integration of booking engine. The team at Neoteric UK is dynamic and always there to assist! They deliver what....
    - Testimonial by, London Hotels

  • Pleasure working with David the team at Neoteric UK.. We needed a professional..yet stylish ecommerce website for our business.. Neoteric UK designers and team helped us a lo....
    - Testimonial by, Richard

  • Its been 5 months we hired Neoteric UK SEO services..Like any other company we did this to get the better organic rankings.. Neoteric UK team was different they quickly under....
    - Testimonial by, Sam Akhtar

  • I commissioned your company several months ago for the now live website at www.informationsecurityprotection.com/.Not having done this before I approached the task with some ....
    - Testimonial by, Mike Popham

  • Whilst working with Antony at Neoteric UK sales have improved and our overall rank has been significantly higher than before. We did used to use Adwords but have instead turn....
    - Testimonial by, David

  • Search Engine Optimimisation (SEO) is a specialised subject. It is also not without risk in chosing which SEO company to place your cash and trust in, unfortunately'SEO E....
    - Testimonial by, Rene Darnell

  • Following a phone call from Antony Colton at Neoteric UK Ltd I initially thought it was just another SEO company performing their usual selling techniques. I\\\\'m actual....
    - Testimonial by, Phil Capstick

  • We have been working with Neoteric UK on a regular basis now for 2 years and I am delighted with the service they provide to us and our clients. Previously, we experienced ve....
    - Testimonial by, Guy Flintham

  • In December of last year I met Yakesh Arora of Neoteric UK, at a B.N.I. Meeting. I then secured his services as website designer for my Portraiture and figurative painting pr....
    - Testimonial by, Henry Liam Ward

  • I wish I had owned a website as early as when I started my UK Immigration advice business. But, I was put-off by a preconceived idea that I needed to be a "rocket scient....
    - Testimonial by, James Mugo

  • We have moved all of our IT support to Neoteric UK Ltd, not only because they offer technical support, design work, equipment, web marketing, hosting and networking from one ....
    - Testimonial by, Ash Edwards

  • Many thanks to all the guys at Neoteric UK who have worked with me to develop my new website.
    Every detail was covered, every link tweaked to perfection and the genui....
    - Testimonial by, Andrew Green

  • Not having much technical website awareness I was wary about taking on the task of getting a new Circuit Coating Website. The Sales guy I spoke to David Satterley was very in....
    - Testimonial by, Steve Walker

  • The market is awash with companies all offering the same "promises" but from the first consultation, our own thorough 3-stage selection process, design and build of....
    - Testimonial by, Peter Walker

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