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What is video SEO?

What is video SEO? Videos are an increasingly popular way to increase your search engine rankings and build your online presence. They work in a similar way to blog posts, with meta tags, keywords, a title and a description. The difference is that crawlers can’t see what’s actually in your video, so that’s all for […]


What is Google Webmaster Tools and do I need to get involved with it if I’m not a webmaster?

We all know that Google offers phenomenal free apps that can be very helpful for business and increase productivity.  With regards to website performance and digital marketing, the most celebrated tool is perhaps Google Analytics, as it gives you lots of data about the interaction of your clients with your business. But many business people […]

The basic SEO tools that you must have (most of which you’ll surely be able to afford)

At Neoteric we have a real artillery of SEO tools that help us have the most comprehensive insights in our clients’ websites. It is important to note that because Google algorithm is something that only Google knows exactly, many of these tools are based on estimations of how the algorithm works, so there is no […]

Don’t Change your already ranked URL’s otherwise you have to pay for it

Before starting the new year 2014, Google John Muller responded to a question in the Google Webmaster Help forums about changing a site’s URL structure completely. MattAshby from Webmaster Forum asked “Advice on URL structure before we get burnt again” on its own site www.rightboat.com that is it a good idea to change the dynamic URl’s […]