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18 Sep
Google Authorship – is it affecting our site rankings?

Google Authorship is a buzz word for SEO experts at the moment, but many people believe it has not yet been implemented as part of the Google algorithm. This causes some difficulty with site rankings and people that duplicate your web content, whether innocently or maliciously.

Authorship Affecting Rankings- Neotericuk

Authorship Affecting Rankings

For example, some sites which have normally a high website ranking on Google suddenly have dropped down the list over the past year– even larger sites that you know have a lot of public interest.

The reason for this could be a recent Panda update which might have caused certain pages to drop down and the keywords to also diminish. When you check your site’s content, you might also find that certain pages have been completely removed from Google’s index. This is a common problem which many web site owners are discovering, especially in the case of copyrighted content which has been duplicated on other sites.

This makes it difficult for the original publisher to protect his content online and stay afloat in the Google rankings.

Take the following as an example.

A law publisher puts content on their website regarding a particular regulation. A lawyer, who has innocent intentions of informing their own clients about this law on their own website, duplicates the material and puts it on their own site. The original publisher loses its rankings, and the lawyer’s rankings may even increase.

Further added to the problem is that many sites duplicate a large quantity of content, even up to 100 pages, which means that site owners have to find a way around this problem to help their own website get back up Google and claim their content as their own.

The first thing can you do if you notice duplicated content is to inform that website owner and ask them to take it down. This can immediately improve your organic ranking.This means that web publishers who will refuse to implement authorship on their site and content is vulnerable to spammers who use the content themselves.

Protect yourself and your site– don’t let others duplicate your content!

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