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Articles on SEO by our experts at Neoteric UK

10 Ways to Determine the Value of Backlink


With all the efforts that you are putting into guest posts, infographics and email outreach[...]

Do We Need Separate Social Media Analytics?


We always check Google analytics for organic traffic and referrals for our website. All these give[...]

Robots.txt Tester Added in Google Webmaster Tools


We have seen so many SEO related tools from Google and third parties like meta tag generator,[...]

What you need to know about Google Panda and How to dodge the bear hug

The Panda algorithmic update was released by Google in February 2011. The purpose of the update was[...]

What is video SEO?

What is video SEO? Videos are an increasingly popular way to increase your search engine rankings[...]

Anatomy of a Press Release. Body and Soul

Press release

Press releases have long been an essential part of any decent off page SEO strategy. The were very[...]

The basic SEO tools that you must have (most of which you’ll surely be able to afford)

At Neoteric we have a real artillery of SEO tools that help us have the most comprehensive insights[...]

5 small things that will make a difference to your SEO Today

SEO is a highly complex thing and there are many things you can do. Many business people do not[...]

Neoteric UK – What is SEO?

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is refining your website to make it an authority in your[...]

Duplicate Content and It’s Prevention

Everyone loves unique content, even search engines also. So if you own a website is you sure it had[...]